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Paying for a mortgage can be tricky. A simple financial misstep can easily lead to missing a few payments which can have severe consequences according to the specific terms agreed between the lender and the borrower.When a person takes out a mortgage, it is agreed that payments must be made in fu...
A third mortgage is a type of mortgage that someone who has an existing primary and second mortgage can get on the same home or property.Most people who take on a third mortgage do so when the penalty for paying off the primary and the second mortgage is not reasonable. When this is the case, it ...
Canadians are finding that it has become increasingly difficult to qualify for a mortgage lately, especially after several mortgage stress tests were implemented. In relation to this, a recent Equifax Canada survey revealed that a lot of Canadians are willing to commit fraud if it meant qualifyin...
As much as 23% of millennials are lying on their mortgage application and think it is justified, according to what was found out by Equifax. They truly think that there is nothing wrong with inflating their income on their mortgage applications.Eye Opening SurveyEquifax’s latest survey reveals th...
Buying a home is a huge financial decision. As such, it is best done with the help of professionals who knows the ins and outs of home buying and will iron out any possible issue that may come along. The professionals that can serve this role are usually real estate agents and real estate lawyers...
Trying to manage several debts can be a huge headache more so if you have to deal with debt collectors and are already financially stressed out. It might be best to consolidate your debt to make payments easier to manage as well as get rid of unnecessary stress. More so, debt consolidation can sa...
There is a common misconception that a good credit score means that someone will surely be approved for a home equity loan. The truth is, rejection for a home equity loan isn’t exclusively for those with bad credit. A good credit score can prove beneficial and help someone get a mortgage approval...
An increasing number of homeowners currently has a HELOC so the question is, is it still possible to get a second mortgage if you already have an existing HELOC? The fact is, that may be a big challenge considering the recent changes for second mortgages implemented by Canada’s leading HELOC prov...
Identity fraud and identity theft are common occurrences these days. They happen when someone obtains and uses someone else’s personal data in a fraudulent or deceitful manner for economic gain or other reasons. The problem is becoming even more prevalent because of misinformation online and the ...
Perhaps you’re wondering whether now is the right time to get a second mortgage. After all, getting a second mortgage is quite common these days and it doesn’t seem to be a very complicated process. Is it indeed true that it is easy to get a second mortgage?Second Mortgage RequirementsJust like a...

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