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I would like to illustrate some of the common issues I find when inspecting balconies so that you have an idea what you may be concerned with. I love balconies here in town because we have so many high rise condos with absolutly wonderful views. OK lets get started. Balusters should have no more ...
I am joking with my title sort of. Google just released something that as of this writing most of you know nothing about though you may if you use Google Chrome browser which last I checked was still behind Internet Explorer and Fire Fox . With this new development however that may all change. No...
Porch and Deck safety   Now that I have posted a few examples of badly constructed porches ,and decks have been mentioned here, do you know what the difference is between porches ,balconies and decks is? A balcony has no support at all from the ground (no posts for support)and hangs off the struc...
It has been a long time since my last blog (2008) talk about brain freeze so lets break the ice with a subject I care about that involves saving lives. Back in 2003 13 people died when a porch deck in Chicago's Lincoln Park collapsed.The porch was not built to support the weight of those on it an...
I guess we all new it would happen some day. 
With all the business being generated by Foreclosures one would think those of us in the industry should care less about those foolish enough to sign Adjustable Rate Mortgages,without understanding the possible consequences. Luckily there are people that care ,and a city  service which helps peop...
Home systems their components and report descriptonsThe first time I saw Active Rain I signed up and started this group one year ago today.Please stop by and say hello.It is needing a good inspection.Group started on 3/15/07
When performing the electrical portion of a home or condo inspection.  I'll occasionally run into cases where the property owner knowing nothing of electrical systems decides the best way to power up appliances is through the use of an extension plug.   Use of an extension plug record in and of i...
manage my homeThat is the title of one of the newer sites out there worth checking out.It is actually sponsored by Sears.I found out about it in Friday's Chicago Tribune.It has a place where you can sign up for home maintenance tips and a monthly news letter.There are some great sections on the s...
A few days ago I decided to take a shower upon waking up as per normal routine when I noticed my feet were splashing around in a puddle.I did not think to much of it till it seemed to actualy be getting to the edge of where the shower door strip is located ,which did not take longNot only do I li...

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