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Hi Everyone... the picture below is not for the weak hearted ,but is what got me to thinking about pet safety.When I have time during the day ,which is often early morning or late afternoon I often feel like getting out of the house and off the computer.Sitting around staring at the screen combin...
  Is my brick house real brick?A good alternative title might be what is brick veneer ?Back in the good old days when homes were built with brick it served as the structure for the home.In today's home brick is still used, but not for   Structure so much as for appearance.  In other words, you ca...
For anyone who missed it the Chicago Sun-Times real estate section featured an article on balloon frame houses published Friday, July 27.I found this article especially fascinating due to the fact the author Tom Corbett attributes Chicago being the fastest growing city in the world during the 19t...
Yes this is for real.There is now an online version of a lottery style scratch card which can be downloaded to attract visitors.If you visit my site you will find it right below my Active Rain
My daughter got married in San Diego on the fourth and I just want to share a few pics of a proud old man.Where in the heck does time go.I hope they have a wonderful life filled with joy.Her husband built that alter on the beach which is kinda cool since I dabble in rustic art myself.
Is this how some agents see Home Inspectors? This is a submission from Lania De MerFunny The Mother of ALL Home Inspections!!! All right. Buckle your seat belts! With the arguably litigious society in which we live, I'm sure this will be a post for you to keep and perhaps share with your fellow p...
Hi ..Because I truly enjoy the members of the inspection forums hear at Active Rain I'd like to share my list of links.I have included this link at a Wiki I just started and would love if someone returned the favour and added cool ones that are not known by me.The Wiki is the homeinspectionpbwiki...
Hi to all...I am find that a substantial percentage of my inspection business is coming from the condo market and believe it or not you guys are an extremely important part of my job.I pride myself on going out of my way to do the best job possible which can sometimes cost me money (read as time ...
With the foundation wall up it is time for the start of what it will be supporting.This is a wood frame platform style construction so in order to begin they need to attach it to the foundation wall.This is accomplished by bolting the bottom of the frame, to the cemented in place anchor bolts.Thi...
Looking into the now in place window well we can see the drain at the bottom.

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