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Perhaps your showering habits depend on where you live. In New Mexico, living where there is little water, taking a shower and doing the dishes can take on a different meaning and perhaps not happen quite as often.  Shortly after I moved here there was an article in the paper written by a high sc...
If you appreciate rugs as an art form, you will appreciate the many rug artists, historic and current-day, of New Mexico, and specifically Chimayo, New Mexico. Chimayo is located on the High Road to Taos.  It is famous for the local, historic church, El Santuario de Chimayo, a place where the ear...
When was the last time you saw a parade of low riders (cars?)  Been awhile? The most likely place in New Mexico for such a parade, formal or informal, is Espanola, New Mexico.  The folks here say it is the low rider capital of the world. Check here!  This city with a population of approximately 1...
New Mexico residents enjoy fabulous food and much can be had very very hot! This weekend in Albuquerque the Fiery Foods and BBQ Show, 23rd annual, is sold out for vendors.  They expect 15,000 attendees.  This part I know is true. FIERY  I have never been but what is reported to me is that the sam...
They control the real estate practices, the water, and more.  At least in New Mexico, this is the time of year when our legislature is in session. This legislature meets every year, in alternate years for a month or two months.  This year it is a two month session where more than the budget is de...
Have a hankering to go into space? About 30 miles from True or Consequences, NM is the new space station.  It is being created with tax money from citizens of NM, particularly those of Dona Ana County, NM.  Their (our) hope is that the space station will bring tourist and other business income to...
Perhaps you are one of the majority who are part of, real estate professionals.  I have a real estate license that is used for referral purposes and I meet all of the requirements to renew that license, every three years in New Mexico.  However, because I don't practice the profess...
Do you know the difference between chili and chile?  In New Mexico, particularly in Hatch, it makes a huge difference. While growning up in PA, moving many times throughout the country, and landing eventually in Michigan for 20+ years, the word chili, was spelled with an 'i.' Then, I moved to New...
Can a gray sky be good?  Perhaps your perspective is unique and you have your own answer to this question.  It might depend on where you live. For me, one of the pleasures of living in New Mexico (having moved from the grayer side of Michigan) is the sunny sky about 300 days a year. (In Las Cruse...
Lill the education pitbull was the real star of the show today.  She is one of New Mexico's State treasures, in my opinion. Over the very cold weather of early February when pipes were bursting and heat was off for thousands, the shelter in Espanola found itself without water and heat.  100 +/- r...

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