Now is the perfect time to contact buyers and sellers. So much can be done virtually, via text, email, and the old fashioned phone. Remember  'dialing' a number and speaking to an actual person.  It is my job to remind the public that I am a REALTOR®It is NOT their job to remember.  Thinking abo...
  Each Sunday morning, I wake up looking forward to a message from Jasen Edwards. Today more than usual.  I was wondering about today's radio topic. Enough with the COVID-19 and things to do while being shut-in. Talking about my unique listings did not seem appropriate. So the ON AIR light comes ...
   I am so proud of our industry for being so positive. We are moving forward virtually. Education and real estate do not stop. We adapt. There are so many ways REALTORS are helping each other, our clients, and the public. We are looking for ways to show the good, the kindness, the compassion, an...
   It started with ActiveRain when I first made a phone call to Dr. Karen Lewis, Broker 305-3231556, a couple of years ago. I liked her way of thinking...outside the box. Karen had an idea to open a kiosk in a mall in Florida. There were lots of comments, and 98% were against this idea. The purpo...
It's usually me, the REALTOR®  reassuring everyone during a transaction.    Here's an example of a buyer stepping up, reaching out to reassure both the seller and me.   Note from my buyer to me:Hi Margaret. Hope you’re staying in and safe. What a trip this has been! Wanted you to know I sent the ...
   Here is yet another way we can continue to do real estate.  This morning Governor Larry Hogan issued an Executive Order,..." waving the requirement of in-person notarization of documents, thereby authorizing remote notarization of documents during the COVID-19 emergency."   Effective, today,  ...
 FREE Real Estate Covid-19 PSA Videos  Frances Flynn Thorsen   Thank you, Fran, for sharing your video so that REALTORS can keep informed and help the public. Take a look at Fran's videos, which she is offering to the real estate community.So proud of my industry and want to say that even one per...
  If you had known about the shelter in place one or two years ago, where would you be living?   Would you have bought a home, would you have sold your house, would you still be renting, would you be in a condo? Would you have moved to your forever home, would you have moved to your retirement ho...
  Today my daughter sent me this youtube video and suggested that I listen even though it is almost an hour.It was in the low sixties, perfect weather to take a walk in the neighborhood. I turned the sound on my phone and listened to Dr. David Price, a New York physician who is treating only COVI...
 photo taken on my walk today At the end of the year, I shared this email.   Since then, Debbi has a new granddaughter, has found the perfect home, and will be going to settlement. Her move back to Baltimore is scheduled for the first week in May. Love when a plan comes together. It's not too soo...

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