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INVESTORS are a two edge sword; they slice both ways.  We love them and we dislike them.  This is why:  As a real estate professional, they are a dream come true, but as a property owner they can bring down the values in our communities.  Why?  Very simple, they are speculators, they buy for less...
Yep, it is summer time, temperatures are hovering around 100-113 degrees.  The faint at heart are fleeing the Sonoran Desert cities and looking for cooler temperatures in the high country - or heading back East and even to the northern costal areas. It is true it does get hot when living in Arizo...
L@@K!! Resort styled living in Mesa, Arizona, bordering Gilbert, AZ as well.  Live as though you are on vacation everyday.  Enjoy resort type pool area, fitness center, and a upscaled club house where activities are planned for the residents and guest.  Located  1/2 mile from the US 60, and just...
Unless you are living under a rock, or on Mars, you have heard about the law that Governor Janet Brewer signed regarding immigration.  While I do not agree with how this law is structured, I do agree our borders need to be secured from people entering without proper documentation.  As with any co...
 HORSES YES! One of the questions you will find when entering information into our Multiple Listing, is "Horses" Y  N.  Coming from the Midwest, specifically Northern Indiana, the only horse you would see would be on the television.   So it was no wonder that I would always giggle when I was aske...
I must say I am impressed with Bank of America and the short sale process.  If you can recall I, like many other real estate practitioners have written Blogs complaining about Bank of America short sale process, and shuttered at the thought of working with them.  They were the proverbial "black h...
I am a Jazz lover, I cut my teeth on Miles Davis when I was just 16 years old.  The first album (yes I said album, not CD) was a Miles Davis goodie by the name of "Miles Ahead".  By the time I learned to like Miles, I had become a Jazz aficionado. Prior to Jazz, I listened to Classical while read...
Sunshine, blue skies, 75 degrees, in March!  I just kicked off my flip flops while sitting on my patio sipping on iced Tea and marveling at the snow capped mountain just 10 miles away. Yep, it's why we live here in Arizona!  
I just did a deal where my client bought a home from an investor for $260,000.  The investor bought it for $75,000, that is $185,000 profit.  Check your checking account, did you make that much in less than a year?  My client bought a home for $260,000 whose previous owner paid twice that amount ...
We have heard over and over again that this a buyers market, and I certainly has seen the flurry of homes sales as a result of the tax credit that is due to end in April, 2010.  I am also sure you have heard all the horror stories about short sales, as a matter of fact, I have written my fair sha...

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