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Thomas Cunningham- Contact me at (843) 814 1078 Searching and Providing information on North Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach SC Communities, Homes and Condos. This is the source of Market Statistics and Area Attractions-Ocean Front Properties
Not too far back, I wrote a Blog Post asking, that with current market conditions continuing to decline, CAN OCEANFRONT & SECOND ROW  PROPERTIES REALLY HOLD THEIR VALUE??? . It was a little over a year ago when I wrote that post and posed that question. Here we are today, April 20th 2011. The Sum...
Ever since the beginning of the Crash in 2008, the number one question out of everybody's mouth was and is: "Have we reached the bottom yet?" My favorite response was " There is no Crystal Ball. I'm watching the market now and can tell what the current & past situations are, but not the future."...
     It was Friday night, December 3rd 2010 in North Myrtle Beach. I had just finished dinner with my Girlfriend and was pondering what to do next with the rest of my evening seeing as she wanted to go scour through T.J.Maxx for any new articles she can't live without!  I remembered, earlier that...
Since the majority of Buyers & Investor of Real Estate along the Beaches of The Grand Strand are from out of State, I consistently get asked about how Taxes will apply to the Potential Property consumers are considering to Buy. The information below is from Horry County's Website  and you can fin...
Ok,    So late last week, I got a Newsletter via my Association informing me that they had just gotten in the New Adapter for the iPhone where you could now use our iPhones to open/access our areas Lockboxes when out showing Houses.    Listen, I have been waiting for this for quite a while and I...
What is it that makes a good Real Estate Agent Great?     Experience?  Knowledge?  Personality?  Business Savvy?  Or, maybe it’s a mix of all these blended together? My Opinion, quite simply…. Relationships! The relationships that you develop and establish with people throughout your career and l...
Living and working as a Realtor in the Myrtle Beach / Grand Strand areas has provided me with extensive knowledge & experience in dealing with all types of Investment Properties in a Vacation Destination. As you can probably guess, most of these properties are Condo’s (Condominiums) which tend to...
Good Day,     My name is Thomas Cunningham and I am a Licensed Real Estate Agent in South Carolina; Specifically in the Myrtle Beach area. My coverage area consist of close to an Eighty (80) Mile stretch of Beach that runs from the North Carolina/South Carolina State Line all the way down to Paw...
Brutally Honest and Amazingly Inspirational. Matt, I applaud you! Thank you So very Much for Sharing your soul with all the World to See!! Reality Bites. There's no easy way to say this.  I've hit rock bottom.  No, the bottom isn't found at the end of a needle, a tent under the overpass, or the l...
This is an Excellent explanation of Buyers Agency and why it's important to both the Buyer and the Agent representing them! Great Job  Ty Lacroix, Bravo!!What is a Buyer Agency Agreement and what are the Benefits?  Entering into a Buyer Agency Agreement (now a requirement issued by RECO - Real Es...

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