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On January 26th, 2009, Minnesota lost a Hero. Chief Warrant Officer 3 Philip Windorski Jr. gave his life in Iraq. Homes for Heroes sends our sincerest condolences to CWO3 Windorski’s wife and 3 children. We are truly sorry for your loss and sacrifice. May God bless you and guide you through this ...
I think we have ninjas in our office. Homes for Heroes is a small office and we all know each other pretty well. So it is hard for me to believe that one of them is a ninja. But I have no other explanation. This morning I arrive at my desk and turn on my computer. I get up and mosey on over to th...
  Who gets nervous when you are being followed by a police officer? Let’s say you are driving down the road minding your own business. You glance up in your mirror just in time to see a police car pull in behind you. If you are like me, you go into a an immediate and chaotic panic. I check my spe...
In this troubled housing market, home buyers and sellers are dealing more and more with banks. Repossessions and short sales are requiring the banking market to become more directly involved in the sale of a home. I hope to point out some of the potential pitfalls when dealing with short sales an...
I have been putting up stuff on this page for a couple of months now. From these entries one might get the impression that I spend my day at the Homes for Heroes office doing my best to annoy others. For those that think this you are pretty close to the truth. When the Homes for Heroes Foundation...
Now that the kitchen is established at Homes For Heroes and open for business, let’s get something to eat. Here are three easy and simple recipes that will have all the kids in your neighborhood clamoring at your door for this treat and they will be willing participants in making it. The first i...
If you are a person that has a hard time living for short periods with out TV, pay attention. In this blog I will show you the technology to use house hold products to keep your TV running during a power outage. I tried it at the Homes for Heroes office, it worked, but I have been forbidden to ev...
My colleagues from Homes for Heroes are starting to see my arrival at the office with disdain. With the good response I got on my previous blog about recycling I have been doing a lot of research. Yesterday I spent some time looking for more ideas to share with you readers. Some of those you saw ...
Any one in " the trades " or anyone not afraid of rolling their sleeves up and working.  We are coordinating the construction of a garage for a disabled Iraq Vet. He is purchasing at an unbelievable price with help of a neighborhood revitalization program, but cannot afford the added cost of a ga...

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