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  Tax Credits -- The Basics   Frequently Asked Questions   In 2008, Congress enacted a $7500 tax credit designed to be an incentive for first-time homebuyers to purchase a home.  The credit was designed as a mechanism to decrease the over-supply of homes for sale.    For 2009, Congress has increa...
Yes that right ladies and gentlemen. Texas Ranger Walker has just announced our newest member to the Homes for Heroes family. Caleb Shaw. Caleb Shaw Caleb Shaw is a Native Texan, with TEXAS size ambitions. After graduating from Agua Dulce as an accomplished student and state qualifying athlete, C...
 You may want to forward this to your buyers who are holding off for lower rates because the media has led them to believe rates will continue to fall.  There is plenty of economic data that suggests that rates may increase.  To summarize the article below, either the plan works, capital spending...
We all know that Homes for Heroes affiliates with Realtors and lenders throughout the country to offer substantial discounts and rebates on real estate related services. They provide these rebates and discounts to those who serve our country and communities every day and include military personne...
The MHFA bond program follows FHA guidelines with 1 important distinction; it will only allow seller contributions of 3%.  With many sales prices close to or under $100,000, the 3% doesn’t always cover all the closing costs.   However, in light of the proposal currently in legislation regarding t...
   Law Enforcement Targets, Inc. is a designer and full service provider of training targets and supplies for military, government agencies, law enforcement, gun clubs and shooting enthusiasts. Check them out at        
I found this video and thought the Realtor that did this was spot on. The home sold if you can believe it. Now admit it, you might not have liked the home but you watched the whole thing. And I would be willing to bet that you were amused at the Realtors audacity. But the home sold is a short per...
First and foremost the seller must take heed of this video. In order to price the home to take advantage of the market. Meaning that there are a lot of homes out on the market right now and a good amount of them are foreclosures, short sales and HUD homes. If the seller is not one of those catego...
The latest down trend is having an impact on Soldiers when they receive orders to another duty station. (In the military that is called PCS Orders, or Permanent Change Station) The good news is that at least the Congress has addressed it in the “stimulus” package. $400 million has been set aside ...
ATTENTION Homes For Heroes Blog followers! My boss called me back into her office this morning and indicated that she was beginning to worry about me, what with Ninja stories and levitating people. I have a new assignment… she wants me to feature introductions of our Homes For Heroes affiliates s...

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