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A few years back a Homes for Heroes founder was talking to an old friend. Old drinking buddies as they describe the relationship. They were discussing the Homes for Heroes program. Mark, being one of the founders, was plying his wares, showing his old friend how this program works and how it help...
  Yesterday at Homes for Heroes I was practicing the ninja art of not moving. This ancient technique is very similar to the resting stone. If you sit still long enough people stop seeing you. Anyway I was disturbed by someone laughing out loud. It really wasn’t a laugh, more of a snort. I break m...
Awe, the good old days. This photo is a shot of our front desk secretary's rolo-dex She keeps as back up in this high tech world. Our MLS has just converted to all showing appts and confirmations be made through the MLS Website.....This is causing quite a headache for agents and the poor front de...
Not only does Homes for Heroes save you money in your real estate transactions, they also will pass on from time to time some great frugal ideas on how to save money in your day to day life. Last month we we spoke of some frugal tips that put a great dinner on your plate for under 5 bucks. We the...
Homes for Heroes would like to introduce to you another Homes for Heroes affiliate here in Minneapolis. David Cohen David A. Cohen has been a Residential Realtor since 1995. He has built his career based on determination to protect and advocate for his clients best interests. His goal is to educa...
-->ironic: Ben Bernanke's childhood home sold - after foreclosure.
Unfortunately California is one of the states that is feeling the housing crunch the hardest. We at Homes for Heroes are aware of this and have a new member who will ensure that our heroes will get the savings and professional service they deserve. Homes for Heroes would like to introduce to you ...
If you ask people living in the Dallas area, “where is one of the best places to work and live in Texas?” 8 out of 10 would more than likely answer Plano. Northwest of Dallas sits a relatively large “suburb” of over 200,000 happy residents. It boasts the lowest property tax rates in Texas and so...
  Really a great video for  buyers on the fence ...It is the right time to buy!!!!  

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