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Join us  Tuesday  7.00 PM May 19th  at Midway Stadium for Military Appreciation Night with the St. Paul Saints! This year we added a raffle, come and join us for a great night of baseball & fun. Sponsored by ausa
Though other agents in her office saw John Lennon or Bob Marley, realtor Mimi DiMauro saw the face of Jesus in a small maple leaf she found while raking her lawn. See article»  
Homes for Heroes is always pursuing ways to save our Heroes money. I have a good example of that below. Read on and save some money. Today sitting in the Homes for Heroes office, as I often do, I was looking out the window, as I often do, wondering, as I often do, what could I do to get out of t...
Only two cracks but enough, to let water in and keep their lives miserable. Wife is 100% disabled from a car accident, so this is a tough chore for them. If you know of anyone in your network who specializes in this. Please pass this on. As always I can be contacted through the foundation either ...
Attention all Homes for Heroes affiliates! Attention all Homes for Heroes affiliates! For you Homes for Heroes affiliates in the Twin Cities area pay attention. There is some serious coinage being thrown around by Minneapolis and St. Paul first time home buyers. A federal program called Take Cre...
Since Homes for Heroes started doing Bio’s on our affiliates, we have asked the affiliate to provide some background information for us. With that info we would put together a post and put it out there. Reading this affiliates bio, there was not much more we needed to do. In his own words, Homes ...
Every month or so we at the Homes for Heroes office try and have a pot luck lunch. It was always a success, and in some ways it still is. People stopped eating my offering when one asked why my “stews” were so tasty. I gave them the recipe. Two cans of cream of mushroom soup and all the left over...

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