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Are you re-locating and moving to Scott Air Force Base? I am the Scott Air Force Base area Homes For Heroes representative. Homes for Heroes offers the largest benefits available and No Red tape! I specialize in listing properties and military re-locations offering unparalleled services with exte...
ebruary 19, 2010 IndyMac Incorporates HAMP DTI Ratios and Sees Results By Brian Collins Mortgage credit analysts have noticed fewer redefaults on IndyMac loan modifications after the FDIC directed the servicer to make deeper reductions in borrowers' monthly payments. In the first quarter of 2009,...
Waiting a few extra days or weeks to purchase a home this spring could cost buyers thousands of extra dollars as the office of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) implements several changes for loans guaranteed by the Federal Housing Authority (FHA). Coming just weeks before the April 30 deadlin...
This excellent short video explains why and how Indy Mac slapped us in the face! Click to see the video
Here are the 5 metro areas where the average American family can afford to purchase a median-priced home — and the 5 where they can’t. Click here to see which cities are on the list.
Finally, some good news! Homes for Heroes officially received the IRS 501c3 designation for their Homes For Heroes Foundation! Homes for Heroes has officially received the IRS 501c3 designation for their Homes For Heroes Foundation. The Foundation was started by the Johnson family as heroes with...
Homes for Heroes would like to welcome our new affiliate, Score Correct. With credit tightening up, a good credit score is crucial. Score correct can turn you from a renter into a homeowner. We have found especially with your Military heroes, credit can take negative hits when awaiting VA payment...

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