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 I am retired from the U. S. Coast Guard.  I have one son who is following in my footsteps! My husband is also an active duty member in the Coast Guard, and will retire with 30 years. Lastly, my father also retired from the military after serving 20 years. I became a Homes for Heroes Affiliate be...
 "I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people." Our Heroes accomplish this goal every single day. As a realtor in one of the safest cities in the U.S., with one of the largest military bases, exceptional education and health care, I simply had to become...
  Homes for Heroes is such an amazing concept…once I learned about it, I knew I had to join!  In a small way, it allows me to honor and thank all the men and women who protect us, serve us, and teach our children.  Through these professions, our heroes put others first on a daily basis and I want...
 Coming from a military family, becoming a Homes for Heroes Affiliate was a natural choice for me. A commitment to serving those who serve us is a perfect fit with my own personal and business philosophies. I have been a Realtor for over 25 years, and along with my husband, Daryl, The Wilfong Tea...
  Meg was raised in the Boston area and graduated from Ithaca College cum laude with a degree in communications. As a real estate agent Meg’s goal is to provide excellent service to each of her clients with the highest level of integrity. Meg’s commitment to you is to listen, ask the right questi...
  Once my realtor friend told me about the program; I knew that I wanted to be a part of Homes for Heroes! Being an affiliate is my way of giving back to all the men and women that have sacrificed their lives to helping communities and our country. I am proud of my husband’s service, many friends...
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  "My choice to join Homes for Heroes is my way of giving back to those who so freely give of themselves. Believing we are blessed to be a blessing. Our heroes bless us with their service and this is a way for them to bless them in return. I have been in the Real Estate business for 11 years. Bei...
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 I am extremely excited to be joining Homes for Heroes! As a former Army Sergeant, I take pride in all things that benefit the military community.  When I found that this program also rewarded those whose professions are often forgotten, I was SOLD.  I was raised in Huntsville, AL and have had th...