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  *I have been a loan officer since 1999* *have closed over $150,000,000.00 in home loans* *Vietnam vet **served in US Army 1972 to 1974* *married with 2 children*    
I am a seasoned mortgage banker who has a passion for exceptional service! Born and educated in Minnesota, I am loyal, a fierce advocate for my clients providing superior service, rates, and pricing for your mortgage financing.  There isn’t anyone better in the business, I care that much!   I lov...
  I chose to become a Home for Heroes affiliate to humbly serve those men and women who have made America the great nation that it is today. Home for Heroes is my way of recognizing the sacrifice that others have made for my safety, my way of remembering those who have died for my freedom, my way...
  A Michiana Army Sergeant and his wife were just trying to give what little they had to their children during the holidays, then along came a Christmas miracle. To pull off any good surprise, you have to lie ... just a little Homes for Heroes has been working with Army Sergeant Edward Marshall a...
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 Christina has a strong passion to the mortgage industry since she first started in 2001, shortly after earning her Bachelors in Business. With a strong devotion to product knowledge and process, she has seen high success in helping her clients successfully through the lending process to closing....
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