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Weird and wonderful homes from around the world from a UFO house in the USA to an upside down house in Poland  
When it comes to the housing market and the Internet the UK presents a strange situation. All research indicates that 80% of buyers go to the Internet to find their next home. The figures for those selling online are dramatically lower with only 2-5% max selling online. So why the big difference...
There is lots of talk from SEO experts about what you should and should not do when attempting to beat the competition with your website. We all know that achieving top 10 positions in Google can provide low cost targetted traffic that can be turned into real money. The mistakes that I have made...
Some questions Are you a bit skeptical about the power of social networking sites for your business in real estate? Do you wonder what all the fuss is about and what has a tweet got to do with the condo you are trying to sell? Is social networkingin your view simply a a place to meet someone new...
The city of London UK has always attracted the super rich with buying power beyond the reach of your average millionaire. In the eighties oil rich Arabs bought into the London housing scene the nineties saw the Russians move in with shocking wealth. Now it is the time of the Chinese who have unt...
A smart meter is an advanced meter that identifies consumption in more detail than a conventional meter Over the next 11 years every household in Britain will receive Smart Meters, one for gas and one for electricity. This project will be one of the largest infrastructure projects to have taken ...
What does it mean when a housing market has an increase in second home ownership? The number of second homes in England rose by 2.6% in 2009 following a contraction in 2008 of -0.4%. This rise, which equated to 6,212 additional second homes, pushed the total to an all-time record of 245,384. Doe...
Barbados real estate tends to be at high end of the scale when searching for property to buy in the Caribbean. Barbados is home to celebrities and the rich who are attracted to the friendly nature of the people and unspoilt beaches not too mention the superb climate. The small island that has att...
   British Musician, and TV presenter,Mylene Klass has caused a huge debate in the UK about a home owners right to self defence when an intruder breaks into their home. Unlike in the US where burglars are fair game upon trespass the British law is a lot more complicated. Myleene Klass was warned ...
UK overseas buyers seeking retirement or investment made Spain the No.1 place for them to buy real estate abroad. It offered easy access by low cost airlines and affordable property as well as lower costs of living. 2009 saw a change in Spanish real estate fortunes and the withdrawal of the UK b...

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