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   Savvy overseas property investors all know that finding emerging markets with great potential is becoming harder and harder so its great to bring you this new destination for international investment. The destination is little known and many may not have even heard its name the place is Vanuat...
The overseas property industry is hanging on to see what happens to the EURO the European currency said to help Europeans trade with the US. It was also hailed to make puchases by other Europeans a lot easier as they were not vulnerable to currency fluctuations during a house sale for example. S...
I run two very busy property websites in the UK both are aimed at people buying and selling property. The first is an international real estate portal where the majority of the house buyers are from the UK & Europe. The other real estate website concentrates on private property sales and is main...
Despite a UK wide housing market decline where buyers cannot get mortgages and sellers struggle to sell it seems some types of property in London are immune. Central London high end real estate is still in fine buoyant mood driven by wealthy overseas buyers that see property in London as one of ...
Working as an overseas real estate requires plenty of trips abroad and like most people I like to keep connected with the office and my family. Using mobile internet services whilst I am away has become increasingly important. Whilst having access to mobile internet abroad, whether it is via a l...
  It seems despite the global slowdown and falls in the UK housing market the Brits are still very much in love with buying real estate abroad. Proof of this the success of overseas property exhibition A place in The Sun Live which is now running twice per year. A Place in the Sun Live, the UK's...
   Nick Marr runs Overseas Property Portal at and UK house sale site at The Little House Company
  My experience with investors buying in Dubai extends since 2004 when one of my websites ( which promotes international real estate found that the property market had huge potential. Many of our UK based investors did not even hesitate to put a deposit down on a sure fire bet of...
  The strength of the Chinese economy has now reflected in impressive house price rises in Hong Kong. According to the latest Knight Frank Global House Price Index Hong Kong the country with the highest growth was Hong Kong with prices rising by nearly 30%.Prices in Hong Kong and Mainland China ...
  A UK property selling survey conducted by the National Association of Estate Agents found that divorce, debt, death and a new job were key reasons for people selling a property. The survey also found that the majority of people looking to move home did so to get a bigger property 1000 estate a...

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