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Back in the 1800's Samuel Morse, an American, invented a unique code of dots and dashes and assigned it to each letter and number to transmit information, hence the name Morse code. On May 24, 1844 his first transmission from Washington, D.C. to Baltimore was "What has God wrought" and as if by m...
We are told to work hard and provide for our family.   To eat drink and be merry.       In other words work hard, play hard.   However, if we work too hard or play too long it can rob us of the more important things in life and it can also lead to serious health problems.  A key to avoiding overi...
Yesterday I saw a disturbing trend involving young people.  How many of you heard the term planking?  The term not only refers to a quantity of planks that are used to cover floors, it also has a second meaning.  Planking is also a crazy, senseless and dangerous act popular in Australia. It invol...
  When we renovate an old house, it is not enough to paint the outside if there are rotten beams on the inside. Ignoring structural defects would only invite trouble later. Similarly, it is not enough to recognize negative influences in us or around us.  Ignore them and they will trample on our w...
Siblings sharing a hug   This is a picture of a brother and sister, siblings, hugging each other. To have a personal and loving relationship with your older or younger brother or sister is a thing to be cherished.  Learning to love and support each other will have a powerful influence on them eve...

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