I have a problem on my hands...or rather should I say over my head ?        Home Style and Staging recently did a "Walk Thu" and one of the recommendations that I made was to paint the trey ceiling in the kitchen and eat in kitchen. The ceiling is very low and needs to show some height. Well, no...
Rerecently I read a blog post about homes giving off a "VIBE". ( Sorry to say I did not bookmark, so if anyone knows where I saw it or who wrote it please let me know, it was full of great information ) I was so impressed, as I have been trying to come up with this for a couple of years now. The ...
                     HOME STYLE AND STAGING does its share of moving, lifting, packing and unpacking !!!               However, when given the chance I will jump at the chance to be turned loose in a store with $5,000 !! Well who wouldn't?? But if that doesn't happen, I will be just as happy ( we...
I have a link to FACEBOOK    and  TWITTER  on my website, however, I have no idea if this is pulling customers to my site.  I have a FACEBOOK page for HOME STYLE AND STAGING and have over 250 friends. I have found that most of the "Friends" are other stagers from other cities.  So how is this get...
  So just when is EAVESDROPPING a good thing ? When I get a job from someone listening to my conversation with someone else, that is when !!!   Last week I was having lunch with a friend and we were chatting about what we had been up to. I was telling her all about some the marketing that I plan ...
A couple of weeks ago I posted photos of a chocolate brown bathroom that I had just recently done.     FROM RED TO BROWN...UPDATE ON "WHAT COLOR TO PAINT"   I have once again used the same color on a small bathroom that was very outdated. The tile could not be removed as it was not in the budget....
    Recently, I was at a location where the owner of a new shop had asked her friend, who I might add, has no training in re-design, staging or design. So I am standing there, not saying a word (which for me is somewhat odd ). She was trying to arrange a lobby that had too much furniture and a ru...
                                        HOME STYLE AND STAGING got taken for a ride the other day and I was not even in a car !!!! I received a call from a "Flipper" that had just recently completed a home and needed to have it staged as soon as possible. Like yesterday, as he wanted to get it on...
 Here is my follow-up to my post :WHAT COLOR TO PAINT ???? DECISIONS DECISIONS..WHAT WOULD YOU DO ????  I want to thank everyone for their great ideas and comments. Yes Lori, you were right I did go bold...                                 Drum Roll Please.... "SWEET GEORGIA BROWN" is the color th...
  After reading the following post by Dana Smithers, I just had to share with you the story about my vision board and why you should be careful what you place on it, AS YOU MAY JUST GET WHAT YOU...

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