Wall Words are a new accessory for walls now, I have used in my home and also in a staging in a limited space.       This was small powder room we staged in 2009 Then I came across this the other day and just had to share with you, this is very bold and "out there" would not use in staging for su...
                                     RED RED AND THEN THERE IS MORE RED !!!!!! This is a very small powder room, which now is painted a wild and bright shade of RED. I am in the process of working something up for this client. They may or may not sell their home. So I want a paint color that they...
THE NEW COLOR TREND FOR 2010 WAS ANNOUNCED IN DECEMBER BY PANTONE LLC. It's back. Call it turquoise or a bluer version of seafoam but it's back. Resurrected from the '70s, turquoise is popping up everywhere from bathrooms to master bedrooms, to kitchens. In my re-design, whenever I run across th...
I know I am alittle late in posting this, however, recently had to make-over and stage a powder room for the holidays. As you can see there was wallpaper that had to be removed or painted over. The owner opted to paint over the wall paper and the results were amazing. This dark green wallpaper wa...
The staging here is East Tennessee is a little slow right now, so I had to come up with another way to use my skills ( and passion for decorating ) to pay the bills. I marketed HOME STYLE AND STAGING LLC as not only a staging and re-design company but as HOLIDAY DECORATING. I did some Fall Decora...
                                       For those of you who know me as Queen of the Loo ( such a great play on my name, thanks to Gina McNew ) A year or so ago, I did a blog, did I say I did one, actually there were several. The blogs started because of a HGTV show where the flippers staged thei...
We had to update an outdated kitchen to get the property ready to sell. We did knock out a small wall which to our surprise produced a brick wall. Which added uniqueness to the small kitchen area. The project took about 3 weeks, with the help of the owner and their friends the work was completed ...
I have finally finished the insert on the fireplace, after taking everyones advice and painting it pewter. MY FIREPLACE "RE-DO" BEFORE AND AFTERS  ( About time I know !!!) However, it was my fireplace and was not done as a staging job, but wanted to share with you so in case you ever needed to up...
  IT IS FINALLY FALL Y'ALL IN EAST TENNESSEE                                            The staging here in East Tennessee is slow for me, anyways, right now. So to help my pocketbook I decided to do some HOLIDAY DECORATING, something that I have done for years for free for my family and friends....
I did a declutter last week for a friend of mine and even though she thought that she needed to declutter it was NOT as cluttered as some that I have seen. I wish that they all could be this easy. When we got into the moving things out we also made changes all through the house. We changed out ar...

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