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Managing Real Estate Broker - HomeUnion - CalBRE Lic# 01526904
HomeUnion, the leading online real estate investment-management firm specializing in single-family-rental investment properties for investors is looking for Investment Real Estate Sales Professionals at its Irvine, CA offices. Qualified candidates should have a real estate sales license and exper...
The student housing real estate market can be a great way of reaping lucrative real estate investing rewards while providing stable cash flow. Here are 3 ways that investors of all kinds can ensure that student housing investments pay huge dividends – now and in the future. Bulletproof Lease Prov...
There are two main kinds of real estate investors dotting the investing landscape in America today – Do It Yourselfers and those who prefer to take a more managed approach to real estate investing. In this article, I’ll explain the primary characteristics of both, which will help you figure out e...
The American worker of today relocates often and craves flexibility. The idea of working one job for one company for the rest of their careers is anathema to them; they will change careers several times and likely live in several different geographical locations as they mature. That desire for fl...
90% of loan activity is owned, underwritten, or insured by the Government agencies, so surely the shutdown isn't good for real estate investments  right? Relax, there's no great cause for concern for most investors- most mortgages won't be impacted except in the amount of time it takes to get thi...
HomeUnion is the leading venture-funded Online Crowd Funding marketplace for fully managed residential property investments.  HomeUnion ReaLoyalty program helps realtor's clients make money from real estate investments. Fred Sed & Associates, a leading Orange County, CA realtor has partnered with...
Interest rates on a 30-year mortgage are up to 4.8% from 3.6% at the end of April and up from 4.7% last week.  You get the trend.  Peel the onion and we see that there is a 20% drop in re-fis and a 3% drop in home purchases.  As rates rise, affordability slips away from home owners.  If the weig...
Social Security has been under fire for some time.  It's underfunded but there are simple fixes.  Or may be not.  For retirees and potential retirees, the discussions are crazy enough to drive you to Vegas for a desperate attempt at creating a nest egg.  There are several discussions on the  tab...
They are close first cousins although it doesn't seem obvious at first.  The stock market should go down when the economy is doing poorly and the companies are reporting poor results.  Right? Wrong!  Stock prices respond to many seemingly unrelated things such as Fed bond buying.  The Fed is buyi...
We've been watching the unemployment numbers creep down gradually. But there's no dancing on the streets.  Why?  Like most of our lives there's a mixed bag of good and bad here - once you peel the onion. Yes, the unemployment rate is down but the preponderance of jobs are in the lower wage catego...


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