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When selling your home in the Sedona AZ Home Marketplace - you had better think twice before filing a water damage claim.  Water damage accounted for about one-fifth of all insurance claims in 2007, says the Insurance Information Institute, with an average amount of $5,531.  But insurers claim  ...
So you have hired the right agent to sell your Sedona AZ Home for sale as a short sale.  You have a contract.  It's at the bank.  The realtor is telling you -you have nothing to worry about.  You are pretty confident that you have a nonrecourse note and you won't get slapped with a deficiency ju...
What Qualifies as a Short Sale Hardship? Sellers aren’t entitled to a short sale just because they’ve lost equity in their home. Lenders look for other hardships when approving short sale transactions.  Here are the standard reasons for a short sale hardship that will have to be fully documented...
We ain't out of the woods yet for foreclosures not to impact the Sedona AZ Home Market - That's for darn sure.  Those pesky Foreclosures (in seller's minds) will continue to impact the 2011 pricing and be Golden opportunities for buyers.  Across the nation - Foreclosures Reached Record Highs in ...
So my Sedona AZ Home isn't rising and yet my homeowner's insurance policy keeps going up?  How come?  Home prices are falling across the country, but many home owners are paying more to insure their homes. So why is insurance going up when a home’s value is going down? In an article from MSNBC t...
Many buyers come into to the Sedona Homes for Sale marketplace not wanting a typical home but the ease and safety of a condominium.  All of the Sedona AZ Condominium Association will have some kind of monthly fee associated with them.  Most of these fees typically cover "common expenses" shared ...
People often wonder if the Sedona AZ Home Sale Market is influenced by the national job market. Historically, that has not been in case, and Sedona is primarily influenced by the cash at hand for the 2nd home buyers and the overall confidence that the consumer feels about the national economy. Bu...
What's a seller to do when selling a home in the Sedona AZ Homes for Sale marketplace in 2011?  Price, price, price, price, price.  And in case you haven't heard me  - price.  Sometimes it takes many times for seller's to understand that in today's market - we have savvy internet buyer's who are...
AZ Tax Requirements for Landlords Starting in 2011, there is a new tax requirement for landlords whether or not you own a home in the Sedona AZ Home market or anywhere in the States. All landlords who receive $600 or more in rent for the year must send a 1099 to all service providers that the la...

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