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Our vision is to help everyone find financial freedom through lifetime learning, passion for excellence, integrity, and trust. Home Ownership Provides Everyone...what dreams are made of. HOPE Lending returns 10% of all revenues to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Thank you for being part of this and living with a solid contribution in our ever changing Real Estate market.
I have a recent situation where a seller is FSBO entered into a Purchase & Sale Agreement.  I noted the absence of a Pre-approval letter with the offer accepted, which is not required.  It is however, always suggested you obtain a Pre-approval letter before removing your property from the market ...
I recently discovered the perfect website for finding Happy Hours and Events in Bellevue and the Eastside.  If you live elsewhere, don't stop reading.  I will list a way for you to find what's happening in your area later.  The founder, Tom Nguyen, does the Marketing and Web Publishing of MetroBe...
I have been learning so many neat tricks to making my website look more attractive, captivate an audience through informative writing, and optimize search placement.  When is it too much?Many tricks have come from Brad Carroll - Real Estate Web Designer, including his blog on Optimizing Your Acti...
It makes sense that we are what we eat, right?  What we put into our bodies will make us FAT or skinny, healthy or s i c k.  I know I want to live a good life for a long time so that means consuming nutritious food and regular exercise to prevent disease.So why don't we see this applied more in o...
I recently had a realtor I've been working with ask me about Reverse Mortgages.  Honestly, I know they're out there but have never had a client to close one with.  We are marketing directly in our community and wanting to provide valuable services for everyone.  Reverse Mortgage products are a sa...
It is often that a buyer will search listings on their own.  When they find something they want to see they ask their Agent to meet them there and open the property.  After watching the market for 6 months, I found some waterfront property back home.  I emailed the listing flier to my Agent and a...
Every day I receive motivational sayings.  I found this one to be so true it is worth sharing.  The Napolean Hill Foundation said: IT YOU HAVEN'T THE WILLPOWER TO KEEP YOUR PHYSICAL BODY IN REPAIR, YOU ALSO LACK THE POWER OF WILL TO MAINTAIN A POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE IN OTHER IMPORTANT CIRCUMSTA...
Thank GOD the rain stopped Sunday morning!  Being a Kirkland resident, I was looking forward to seeing all the classic cars and crouds of people, sponsored by The Legends Car Club, it always falls on my birthday weekend.  Due to the rain, it seemed like only a third of participants were there thi...
With a simple search of "scam" for blogs I found this and thought it would be worth posting.  When is the last time you took precautionary measures to educate yourself to BEWARE?  As professionals, we should also be reminding our clients of potential dangerous situations.  I encourage you to take...
I love Seafair!  An entire weekend of Boating, Blue Angels, Hydroplane Races, Concert, and Fireworks!  Milk Carton DerbyMarathonTriathlonTorchlight RunTorchlight ParadeScholarship ProgramHydroplane RacesAir ShowFireworks & ConcertFleet WeekCommunity EventsPlan ahead to avoid traffic delays caused...

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