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Our vision is to help everyone find financial freedom through lifetime learning, passion for excellence, integrity, and trust. Home Ownership Provides Everyone...what dreams are made of. HOPE Lending returns 10% of all revenues to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Thank you for being part of this and living with a solid contribution in our ever changing Real Estate market.
Seattle's Street of Dreams is in Woodinville this year and going on now.  There are Special Events happening daily.   Our 2007 Seattle Street of Dreams will be located in the brand new community of "Quinn's Crossing". Five eco-friendly show homes, ranging in size from approximately 4,200 - 4,750 ...
Let the fun begin!  ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!WOW....that was exciting for me.  Not sure of the last time I made things all about me.  Coincidently, I am going into my birthday weekend and have most of these things fresh on my mind as I reflect another year gone by.  I've been here on Active Rain ...
I write a monthly Newsletter that I send to all my clients and associates.  Each month I include a section on Home Tips.  Here's how it looks.  Do you have anything additional you could suggest I add? Think seasonal safety, weather & disaster preparedness, water leak and fire prevention.  1.     ...
Has anyone seen this happen?  I recently had a client who really wanted a new home, even though I advised them they needed a 620 fico as Self Employed for 100% financing.  They were driving through a neighborhood, only to stop at the builder's office to ask more questions.  For sake of privacy, w...
Loan originators doing business in Washington State must be licensed with DFI's Division of Consumer Services.  Follow the steps below: Step One: Complete an online license application. The online license application requires you to pay the application fee ($125) with a credit card.Step Two: Mail...
When you order your credit report through my secure site I offer FREE tools to help you improve your credit.Privacy & Identify Theft Protection Analyzed Report with several suggestions on how to raise score Letters to Dispute Errors Letters to Request Changes that will improve your score This ser...
The economic news calendar is normally responsible for moves like this - but with a super thin schedule of reports last week, it was everything else under the sun driving the action. First, Stocks had a terrific week overall - and investors that want to move money into the Stock market logically ...
The poet John Milton's words "They also serve who only stand and wait" may be both profound and genuine, but the true riches of life are far more likely to accrue to those who actively go out and seek them. Seldom does success come marching in accompanied by a brass band in full regalia. More oft...
I am trying to find a lender that will finance this Owner Occupied purchase of $110k.  His Fico is 704 and he is No Doc (I think he is just shy of his business license for 2 years).  He has about $100k in assets.  He is willing to put down up to $45k.Does anyone know who will lend on a Mobile Hom...
IN A WELL-MANAGED BUSINESS, ALL PROMOTIONS ARE SELF-MADE. THE EMPLOYER'S ONLY PART IN THE TRANSACTION IS TO CHECK CAREFULLY TO MAKE SURE THE PROMOTION WAS EARNED.The perfect formula for destroying morale in any organization is to create a working environment that leads employees to believe that t...

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