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 A HouseHunt, Inc. ArticleConcepts taken from Diamond Business PlanWritten by  Lauren Agajanian, MBA "I'd like you to meet Maestro Joann Falletta, the first ever female conductor for a symphony orchestra.  Maestro Falletta, this is my daughter Lauren."                   A little anti-climactic do...
Picture this: you’ve finally found the exact home your clients dreamed about. It’s a six-bedroom worth $1.3 million in the suburbs of New Jersey. The deal goes smoothly, and the couple and their children are finally moved into their new home and as happy as ever.But wait . . . there is just one m...
There are many reasons why people become real estate agents. However, everyone has their own specific reason for going into the real estate business. Perhaps someone in your family was a real estate agent. Maybe you just wanted to make lots of money, and you felt that selling homes would lead you...
Crowdfunding is a new way for anyone to gain money online from friends as well as anonymous people who want to help fund their ideas or necessities in life. GoFundMe has taken Americans’ interest in free money and helping those in need to another level. The site allows individuals to sign up, sha...
Many agents consider paying for professional photos of a listing a frivolous, waste of money. Some consider investing in a high-resolution and expensive camera to be too big of a hassle to own and lug around when snapping photos of a new listing. Doesn’t your cell phone do the trick? Does it real...
We all have lots of opinions on how to hold open houses. I found this funny clip from I Love You, Man. Maybe you haven’t seen it:     Obviously it’s a rare day when an open house is that colorful! This brings me to my next question: How many of you take the time to really make your open house sta...
At my company, HouseHunt, we put out two different email newsletters each week. One is specifically agent oriented, and the other is targeted for homeowners and non-professionals interested in real estate investment. We consider periodic emails to be an important part of our content marketing str...
In response to recent events, we are all looking for ways to be as safety conscious as possible when selling real estate. Any compromise of an agent’s protection can shake up the entire community. It is sad that we live in a day and age where you have to be so untrusting.   The Overwhelming Probl...
Sex sells. You’ve seen it sell beer, burgers, and even Internet domain names. But should sex sell real estate?   Inman News showcased an… interesting… marketing tactic in an article titled Allira Cohr’s Breasts Star in Luxury Listing Video.   Your Browser Does Not Appear To Support iFrames, Pleas...
As a Realtor, it’s more than likely you do the majority of your business on the phone. Constantly distinguishing between personal and professional telephone calls as your cell phone rings can become quite the pain, but Google Voice is here to help.   Google Voice is an awesome service from Google...

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