Last night, I got together with a group of people who were various combinations of friends, clients and neighbors - basically members of the East Coast liberal elite, to watch the election returns.  And while we all appreciated how completely unpredictable the outcome would be, we didn't think we...
I call all dogs other than Willie the Labradoodle "Fang".  Now, I love dogs, but when I'm showing property, I am also careful when I'm around dogs I don't know when I am showing houses.  And there are two different ways a dog can present a challenge: When it's your dog:  any agent showing your ho...
This presidential campaign cycle is supposed to be historic.  And it's not that, for the first time, a major party has a woman nominee.  It's that this has been the crankiest campaign ever!But it looks like something good is going to come out of it.Judging from the early election numbers, my gues...
Fat Pete's is a barbecue place in DC's Cleveland Park, and since the last time we had an ActiveRain meetup, they have changed their recipes.  Lots of Tums!I was joined by three cool guys.  Alan Gross arrived first and we had some chili as a little appetizer.  Not wanting to appear to be a wimp, I...
Between the World Series, out NAR Convention and all of the meetups, this last week has been an interesting one for ActiveRain bloggers.  And here are some people who managed to write some terrific posts:What is an HDR Photograph? Ken Jones:  I really wish Ken would write more for us!Ask An Ambas...
Last night, like people across America, I was totally into the seventh game of the World Series.  It was the bottom of the 8th, and I watched the Cubs’ (my adopted team after the Nationals made it to the playoffs, but not quite to the World Series)  lead dissolve.  The ninth was a nail biter, the...
The temperatures are not yet "crisp", at least not this afternoon.  But the leaves are beginning to make it look a lot like fall around here.  I took this one this afternoon in Rock Creek Park.  We still have mostly green, but gradually we're seeing the reds and yellow leaves for contrast.
Today, I carpooled with Alan Gross to the Baltimore meetup at Bare Bones.  And after a lovely lunch, Alan and I took a detour through historic Ellicott City on the way home. Neither of us had seen it since the terrible flood that swept down the main street a few months ago. And it was amazing to ...
I vote.  I don't think I've ever missed voting in a Presidential election.  And during the last few cycles, I voted early.Not only does voting early make sure that I got my vote in, but it has allowed me to do volunteer work on the real election day.  One year, I drove up to a cute town in Pennsy...
Lead Generation used to be called "prospecting", and in my post-licensing real estate training program, prospecting was the main focus for newly minted agents.  This was long before anyone invented the internet, so paying large sums of money to Zillow or Trulia or anyone else for internet leads w...

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