Lou brings us some catsup wisdom!  I just loved this post! No Task is Too Small “No task is too little to be done in the best way.” H.J. Heinz 1844 -1919, Founder of the H.J. Heinz Company     As I see it . . . . . . . No task is too small   In undertaking any task . . . . give it your best . . ....
It's Sunday again, and time to look back over some of ther fun posts from last week.  Here are the ones that jumped out at mePainting with a Twist: Now Open in Kendall - Miami, FL. Lisa Hernandez: This is a fun way to have fun and create great staging props.A legendary story of standards...and fl...
Tonight was the night for my annual party with friends, neighbors, and clients.  And it wasn't without a few little breakdowns!First, my wonderful housekeeper has been in Kenya and I thought she was coming back last week.  I was wrong.  So not only was the house really, really messy, but it was g...
This one is fun, and while it's a stretch, this title really does make a great point.  And yes, today's nail technology is just a miracle!   Is It Time To Trim Your Nails?   Stay with me, this is going to make sense.  I've been enjoying all the New Year's posts about plans and goals. They are ver...
Here it is!  ActiveRain's own Flooring Girl, Debbie Gardner, has given us her latest with her 2017 Hardwood Flooring Trend.  I've made a few calls to Debbie looking for solutions to my own flooring problems.  She totally knows what she is talking about.  Debbie is a floor master! Hardwood Floorin...
 These are some of the direct descendants of Claude Monet's famous water lilies.  This is a photo that I took on my last trip to France, when I visited  Giverny, a lovely town north of Paris.  And it is where he painted his famous water lilies that hang in the Musée de l'Orangerie. These were mes...
I do a lot of work with buyers, and so many of them arrive for our buyer interview, well, confused!If it's on the Internet, it ain't necessarily so!  And while inventory is tight around the region, wading through all the possibilities is daunting.  Oh, and don't forget that all of those lovely ph...
Recently, I've noticed a few ActiveRain bloggers who use their posts here wholly as an attempt to drive traffic to their personal websites.  Their content here is a teaser with a link to a complete version of the story on another site.Until now, there were only a couple of people doing it, but I'...
Well, I woke up this morning, made some coffee and then tripped on this post that Paul wrote about a year ago.  It perked me up more than my coffee did!Have a great 2nd day of the New Year! * Wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen!    Unknown Thank you ...
Almost every year during the time the cherry blossoms are in bloom, I wake up to go down to the tidal basin for the sunrise.  And I have my favorite camera with me. Tonight, I found this photo.  I hadn't noticed how the sunlight was reflected in the water.  So I pulled it out and started to play ...

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