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HouseSetters Home Staging Services is one of the few home full-service home staging services in the United States. We do online consultations, have a warehouse full of furnishings for vacant houses and teach Realtors how to stage like a pro! Whether you live in Kingston New York or Kalamazoo Michigan we can help you sell your listings!
Has anyone heard of banks staging their foreclosed properties? I was thinking about pursuing this avenue but feel that there probably is not much interest or funds for staging. I am also concerned about the safety and care of my furnishings. I don't know how well these properties are monitored. I...
I am planning to use Constant Contact to market to Realtors. Presently, I have distribution lists organized by office through Outlook. This approach to an email blast is becoming more and more difficult as my hosting company continues to decrease the number of emails I can send in an hour. It wen...
I have tried different ways of thanking Realtors and have not come up with one good way. Initially, I offerred to treat them to a virtual tour, but found that many of them did their own tours. I then switched to gift cards to Bed, Bath and Beyond but didn't think it was a very "creative" gift. Mo...
After staging a house I always look forward to seeing "my creation" online. I usually wait a couple of weeks and then check out the updated photos and virtual tour. More than once I have been suprised to see that the Realtor never updated the photos. Since 80% of home buyers first go to the inter...
One of the best and least costly improvements a home seller can make is painting worn kitchen cabinets. New cabinetry is a very expensive home improvement and I rarely suggest it. Painting existing cabinetry and perhaps installing a corian coutertop and a new sink is often a good idea. It will co...
  For many of us, our home is our greatest asset and trying to sell it in this difficult real estate market is, well quite frankly, scary. We have been hearing over and over on the news and reading in the paper that home sales are down drastically. Buyers are portrayed as standing on the sideline...
Taking the time and spending the money to properly prepare your home for sale makes sense---a lot of sense. So, why don't all Realtors suggest it to their clients?  The biggest obstacle is fear. Fear of perhaps offending the client and losing the listing or fear of having to explain a process tha...


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