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“Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude.” Zig ZiglarThe fact is that people do not put enough emphasis on how attitude affects performance. Yes, attitudes DO affect performance. In fact, they affect everything that we do.Now if you doubt that then look back at the involuntary terminations in your...
The pandemic is not yet behind but hopefully will soon be in the rear mirror.  Now it is time to talk about what next.The Business Council of Westchester is the regional Chamber of Commerce for  the county.  It is very proactive in promoting business and partnering with government.The State of We...
How is this crazy real estate market affecting your strategic leadership?  Most real estate leaders are busy working every day to get houses to the closing table.  They are busy working in the business.  But as a leader you must also look ahead.  That is being a strategic leader.  Are you a strat...
What do you think of this title?  For HR professionals and Small Business Owners I hope in resonates because it is the topic of our next meeting of the HR Council of The Business Council of Westchester.We have spent so many previous meetings covering Covid questions and reopening.  It is time to ...
Do you want your team to have skin in the game and take ownership? If you want that then make sure you are not being a control freak.Rather than giving them detailed instructions tell them what needs to be done and make them accountable for the results.If you are frustrated with the results of yo...
The Westchester Human Resource Management Association, a chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management, is hosting a critical program on change.One the important roles of a human resource professional is facilitating organizational effectiveness and development.  And the major piece is fac...
Do you think that your words and actions inspire others? If you are the manager or the owner is that enough to have people, follow you?As the owner or manager, you have the authority by virtue of your role. However, your power is granted by those on your team or those you supervise. For example, ...
Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and the celebrations will be subdued if at all.  During my career as head of HR for Brunschwig & Fils in New York I remember the celebrations fondly.Our law firm and accounting firm had partners who were members of the Society of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick of N...
One very important  core competency of a Broker/Manager would be the ability lead. Management and Leadership are both important roles and it is best if they work together. A manager guides and controls but he or she can never achieve excellence without leadership skills. The roles of leadership ...
Conflict is always occuring in the workplace, in business, and in real estate sales.  How do you handle conflict?  There are certainly different ways.  I thought that this would be a great topic for our next Human Resources forum at The Business Council of Westchester.It might depend, which is a ...


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Great Leaders create engaged employees who create and maintain loyal customers and successful and sustainable business outcomes. As leader of Performance Development Strategies I create successful business outcomes. Our organization helps executives and business owners solve their business issues by leveraging their greatest asset - their human capital. We create cutting edge leadership development through group workshops and individual coaching. I help businesses go from "good to great."