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I have been an Human Resources professional my entire career and I a proud to be part of the HR Vocie of Westchester.  I continue to be active in the local chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).  I have been a continuous member of the board since 1987.Tomorrow is a special d...
The best way to create top performance in your sales team and staff is knowing what great performance for your organization looks like. Before you begin talking about standards you need to know and clearly communicate your organizational values and goals. It all starts there!I have made this stat...
Once Labor Day is over it is time to begin the Fall Season.  In the Northeast school begins the day after Labor Day.  The Business Council of Westchester kicked off the Fall this evening with a well attended networking event at The Surf Club in New Rochelle, NY.Why do you network?  Do you want to...
Think during your time in your corporate careers. Did you ever come to a time as you moved up the corporate ladder when the words you used or comments you had made before now have a totally different (sometimes devastating) effect on a receiver of your message? This is just one example of somethi...
Do you have some dreams that you would like to become realities? Are you willing to create a plan to get there? Your plan will consist of several goals. Although some people have dreams many never get past the dream stage because they have no goals. A goal is really a dream with a timetable. Firs...
As many of you know I love spending time at my Florida home.  This is one time that I am glad that I am in New York.  However, my thoughts are with everyone who is in the hurricane's path.  It seems to be moving slowly which could be bad but turning toward the Atlantic which could be good news.I ...
After Phyllis and I returned from Florida we decided to use our Freedom Boat Club reciprical membership and go boating on Long Island Sound.  We embarked from Stamford Connecticut Harbor.We set out for the north shore of Long Island.  It was a choppy windy day but the boat handled very well and w...
 Why did you decide to be in real estate? Since agents are independent contractors, do you like the freedom of being your own boss?  In spite of that I am sure you understand, “No Risk, No Gain.” You are an entrepreneur if you are are real estate agent.  You take risks but you also have a busines...
Good Reasons is a not for profit organization that is on a mission. They create scrumptious, all natural dog treats, while providing employment opportunities to people with autism and other developmental disabilities.As a Business Council of Westchester Ambassador I had the opportunity of welcomi...
 It does not matter whether you are in Real Estate, a corporation or a small business.  You will have to get out of your comfort zone.  Not once, but many times.  That is going to require change.  Although no one likes to change it is often necessary. That doesn’t make it any easier to accept. Bu...

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