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If you want to know why your team is not accountable for results you might want to look at  how you are helping them become accountable.  You would want to start by creating a culture of accountability. The best way to accomplish is to create the culture where teams feel motivated to achieve goal...
As I mentioned on my post on change so many things can happen in ten years.  You then look back and are amazed.  Thank you Jeff Dowler, CRS for presenting us with this challenge of looking back.  So let's roll the movie camera.  2009This is the year that I started my business in Leadership Develo...
 Jeff Dowler, CRS  contest got me thinking about change.  Yes, some change happens quickly but you would be you surprised at how much change occured in the last 10 years and you didn't realize it.  In the world of business slow change can be more devastating than fast change.  With fast change yo...
Now that summer is really here people are taking vacations and people are on summer hours.  But just before you go on Summer break why now enjoy a Summer Soiree.   Enjoy our ultimate summer networking event with great food and great entertainment.  You can register nowLocation: Willow Ridge Count...
Just Do it, the slogan of Nike, reminds us that all the plans in the world mean nothing until we put them into action.  This is particularly true in sales including Real Estate.  The reason incomes vary so much is because some execute their plans and others do not.The reason that many great plans...
This is a fun challenge for me to show off my home town.  Actually I have two of them but I will start with my home town for the last 31 years, Armonk, NY  10504.We have fun in Armonk all year--Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.  Just three weeks ago the Lions Club hosted our Annual Fol de Rol.  T...
Creating a high performing team requires first a good leader willing to work with people.Most of us understand that diversity of backgrounds and thought processes will most likely result in better results. With that understanding we might think that it follows that a diverse team is a high perfor...
Ever since I was a boy growing up in Pennsylvania I dreamed owning a home that would be my castle.  My parents and grandparents all had a very strong ethic for home ownership which they also associated with financial security.I loved my boyhood home and did not want my parents to ever sell it.  M...
What we have here is a failure to communicate! That line from Cool Hand Luke highlights the consequences of miscommunication. Lack of real communication is one of the biggest causes of dysfunctional relationships in our business and personal lives.In real estate sales as with all sales we communi...
Tomorrow evening, June 19, 2019, the Stamford Connecticut Chamber of Commerce will host a Lobsterfest. Great Food & Fun! Enjoy A 1 1/2 lb. Lobster Steamers ~ Mussels Corn ~ Potatoes WatermelonThis will be great fun.  In addition to great food, free boat rides will be given in the Stamford Harbor....

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