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What did you learn today.  If you have attended the Tuesday Active Rain Zoom meetings you can say that you have always learned something. These Zoom meetings are a wonderful way for Active Rain members who know each other virtually to get to know more about each other.  I know we all love in pers...
Have you ever heard someone say, "Who died and left him in charge?"  But is certainly true in many cases that leadership is not given it it assumed.  I believe that.  Think about your own formal and informal teams.  Haven't leaders emerged for reasons such as assuming responsibility, developing t...
I had to leave the Zoom meeting early today--sorry Jan Green .  But I was on call for the Business Council of Westchester new members event which preceded open networking.I left the Zoom chat and took my business cards for a live in person networking event at the Tarrytown House Mansion.  This ma...
A collaborative team is more than likely led by a leader who is a consensus builder. Rather than "win lose" they empower others and work to seek consensus.  I have been told by numerous real estate agents that they would rather work with a broker and team that is collaborative.Strong leaders have...
Are you having trouble restarting but can’t find the cause of your problem? If you are having this issue, you are not alone. I receive calls like this from business owners often and much more often now. It is my job as the business doctor to learn the symptoms and then diagnose the problem. Durin...
Labor Day has become to symbolize the end of summer.  Here in the northeast it also means the beginning of the new school year.Now it is a three day holiday as these workers are about to enjoy.However, the history of the day belongs to the American Labor movement.  In the last decades of the 19th...
Can't you just see the excitement.  Another in person networking event with The Business Council of Westchester.Mark your calendars for two weeks from tonight, Tuesday, September 14, 2021.Time:         5 to 7pmLocation: Tarrytown House Estate on the Hudson                   49 East Sunnyside Lane...
Retention of employees is a major concern of Westchester employers. The changes in the last year have necessitated taking a new look at accountability.  The same is true for real estate brokers.  Accountability is a two-way street, and it is important for team members to understand WIIFM (What’s ...
This post has me thinking of Brian England .  We have a rental house in Delaware near Rehoboth Beach.  This is a large family gathering with our family and our son in law's family and children.The boys are ready for a boat ride on Delaware Bay.Look grandpa there is a dolphin.  The boys loved the ...
Business has changed dramatically since the pandemic and subsequent shutdown. Prior to the shutdown business was brisk.  Right now real estate is in a sellers market with inventory shortages.  Are you ready for the next stage? The best way to predict the future is to create it. Go for a strong re...


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Great Leaders create engaged employees who create and maintain loyal customers and successful and sustainable business outcomes. As leader of Performance Development Strategies I create successful business outcomes. Our organization helps executives and business owners solve their business issues by leveraging their greatest asset - their human capital. We create cutting edge leadership development through group workshops and individual coaching. I help businesses go from "good to great."