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Last week we drove down to our Florida home by way of the Shenandoah Valley through western Virginia and into Tennessee.  I haven't been down this way since I went with my family as a teenager.  It is a beautiful ride. We stayed in Pigeon Forge Tennessee within the Great Smoky Mountain National P...
 What is better when looking for a new real estate team member?  Is is behavior or experience?  I contend it is behavior.  But is it possible to predict a person’s future behavior and performance before they are hired? You can do this by behavior-based interviewing. If you are not looking at beha...
As I mentioned in my previous post customer loyalty is a leading indicator of future success.  My auto repair shop Fred's Auto Repair of Briarcliff.  Customer loyalty is developed many ways and can include special touch points.How is this for a touch point?I came for my appointment this week and ...
We already know what happened in the last quarter, but do you know what will happen in the current or next quarter. If you know what to expect you can be prepared and excel.  If you want to have positive results for your business will need to measure and control the things that matter. As a busin...
Lottie Kendall and I have been following each other but have never spoken on the phone.  We have had a few challenges now in Active Rain.  I had sent an email though Active Rain to Lottie.  Unfortunately, it was never received through the system, but she did catch my voice message and called me b...
Why do people leave jobs? There are certainly any number of reasons. We certainly will not deny a very attractive opportunity. The money and the opportunity certainly must be worth staying. We know that it is important to our business success to have an engaged team dedicated to working together ...
We had another AR Zoom meeting today and I was interested in the topic.  Jeffrey Richman talked about hiring virtual assistants. I have thought about this from time to time and I found Jeffrey's in depth discussion very useful.  He took us through the site he uses Onlinejobs.  This is a job site ...
Every day I get to do what I do best. Are you able to answer that question with yes?  When an associate of your is asked that question how will they answer it? You will be much more successful if you know your own strengths as well as your team and your assistants.  When you know everyone's stren...
Every year I attend the Business Council of Westchester's Hall of Fame.  It is usually held in May but this year, because of Covid, it was held tonight.  In keeping with the creativity of the year the BCW has created a very innovative program.  Normally, this event is held a large facility with V...
If you are a solo worker you need to manage your day but once you hire an assistant or add an associate you have an organization to manage.There is a different attitude about work today.  Top down control has been replaced with shared control.  The recent need to work virtually has only accelerat...

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