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Here in Sacramento we have to remember that although during the day it may be partly cloudy with a chance of RAIN (not snow) we still have a chance of freezing pipes, window leaks, and any other unknow variables. Heating bills get higher, HVAC units break down, and water heaters are over worked t...
Happy Holidays everyone. As the season's approach and pass us by we have little time to remember that in which we are thankful for. It's more than deadlines, end of the month quotas, and the next biggest thing. We remember friends and family, all the loved ones which get us through our day. I was...
With Halloween night approaching neighborhoods light up around the country with everything from ghosts to the latest Pop star walking the streets. We try to keep our neighborhoods a safe place for the little ones whom roam around looking for nothing more but a fix for their sweet tooth and a good...
Investors and home owners looking to rent their home are far too often suprised at what they have to pay for when a property comes vacant. Tenants pay for the right to live in a home and have it all to their own. They can hang pictures on the wall, spill a glass of red wine, and even the occasion...
It is important to have a good sense of accountability in everything we do. On a day to day business our relationships with those around us can affect our future in many ways. At HomePointe we try to do business to the best of our ability and the most respectable way possible. This leads to happy...
Having pride in personal endeavors is the first step into a successful lifestyle and successful business outcome. If we as property manager begin to take pride in each home, and each owners account, as if it was our own, we will understand the views of each prospective and begin to give better cu...
Property management made easy: Having correct advertisements can save everyone time and money. If you have automated voicemail systems it is imperative to have it navigable and give as much information as needed when looking to rent a home. If someone is calling from a property, they should be ab...
As a property manager we over see many things within a rental home. One of the key ingrediants to managing rentals is finding a good quality tenant that will both pay rent, and take care of the home. Here at Homepointe we rent on average 50-60 properties per month between 7 property managers. We ...
Security deposits are a very touchy subject when it comes between owners and tenants. More often then not, tenants do not want to pay for work or damages because of the way they left the property. Many times the excuse is "It looks better now than it did before!"  That being said there are also m...
As school starts across our great nation families begin to settle down and the real estate market takes a turn towards slowing. Something about the warm weather and bright shining sun keep families moving and keep them looking for homes. Usually as the weather cools off, and in Sacramento often t...


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