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Tonight at sundown all around the world will begin the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS.  Is it lighting the Christmas Tree?  Is it lighting up the decorations on the lamp poles of the city?  No, it is the first of the 8 day celebration of the centuries old holiday of Hanukkah. In short, this day is in remembr...
The NE Houston Growth sector continues it's expansion.  I know that it is difficult to get your arms around some of this because the current area of expansion is not where many would expect it.  The sprawl of metropolitan Houston continues to grow, thank goodness for all of us.  The HWY 59 corrid...
Every year for the past 12, I am Humbled by a Vietnam Veteran.  Without fail, the telephone will ring and an acquaintance named Edwin will call and say "Edward, thank you for your service to this country."  I did serve for 4 years in the US Airforce during Vietnam but left unscathed, thank God.  ...
Texas is blessed that is for sure as Humble Texas is targeted to get 5000 new jobs.  The continuing development in our area is wonderful.  Channel 11 News reports that the company named CHI is planning to open a new appliance factory with products designed by former NASA scientists. "We take anyo...
Motorcycles and fast Cars will be the centerpiece of the new Liberty Motorsports Park in Liberty County just outside of Cleveland Texas.  There is no doubt that the NE quadrant of Houston is destined for change.   More and more development continues to come to the area due to affordable land pric...
This home is newly on the market and ready to sell.  This is a difficult property to find in the NE Houston market.  Land to grow on and close to it all.
Go West Young Man was the mantra of many a settler in days gone by.  From the first settlements at Jamestown to our current time, people have moved west.  One of the reasons for this was of coarse because there was no other direction for the majority of settlers to go.  Situated on the banks of t...
SUKKOT is a funny word to the English speaking Western Hemisphere because it is a Hebrew word but one that would readily be understood in Israel.  It is also the season by which they celebrated last week. What is SUKKOT?  If you look in the book of Leviticus 23:36-39, you will see that God actual...
No matter how good, or how bad things may be or get, I am still proud to be an American....NO APOLOGIES!!!   The World Trade Center left tons of mangled and twisted steel in it's horrible collapse.  That steel has been melted down in a foundry in Amite LA, and refashioned into a Peace Keeping Ves...
Do Not Step Foot on My Property!  A client of mine who I had been working with for several months called yesterday to inform me that they were going to look at a FSBO and would probably not need my involvement.  They said that if this FSBO looked viable for their needs that they would still need...

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