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You need to give Linkedin a serious look..I experimented and ended up creating my own Linkedin Strategy..I spend only $15 a month to reach 1000's of targeted clients..I also only spend about 15 minutes a day executing on this strategy..It recently generated $14.9 Million in referrals..Below is a ...
Do you want to finish the 4th quarter of 2020 strong?Do you also want to make 2021 your best year ever?If so I insist you deploy a Linkedin Strategy right now..You will make more money from Linkedin than any other lead gen you are doing..Why?It's where all the professionals and business owners ar...
Be very aware of the offers and sales pages out there..Especially when you are looking for generating quality leads..They can buy this below (featured in) for $125 and they will publish your blog and offer in an obscure place on these sites..But they can say they are featured in them (not that th...
You must always be getting hit left and right with "big promises" to grow your business..I bet they are pretty damn expensive too..Stop listening to "so called" experts..Listen to what I have to say after 20+ years and $100 Million Sold sales experience..There is no better place on the planet to ...
Total Spend $15..Linkedin is the platform where you lead generate your brains out with no rejection, little to no expense and little to no competition..Here's a video that explains how to approach them and what to say in your message to them..Click on any of the links or photos and enjoy the stra...
Why do you insist on using the same old sales avenues that you have to be rejected a lot before a sale?Linkedin is the platform where you lead generate your brains out with no rejection..Here's how..1- Invite people you want to do business with to connect (if they don't connect no rejection invol...
Did you lose your mind during the pandemic lockdown?Maybe you did if you are not deploying a Linkedin Strategy immediately..There is no better place on the planet right now to meet potential clients..There is also no rejection, no competition and it's super inexpensive..Here are the 15 questions ...
There are a zillion fake gurus who it would shock you to know about the extent of all the "lies" on their sites..Same goes for lead gen companies that promise amazing FB Ads, Google Ads etc and they end up awful..I am a Realtor who started out so shy I couldn't pick up the phone and get rejected....
I have been trying to tell you it's the most productive lead generation you can do right nowBut you don't seem to believe me..Maybe it's because you have been hit by so many ideas and offers that are awful and misleading..Nothing about this system or even about me is trying to lead you down the w...
To thrive in chaotic markets you need to be better than everyone else..Here are the 3 critical things you need to focus on from now here on out..1- A Great Idea - You have to bring something to the table that makes you stand way out from the crowd. This can be achieved with strategies that are un...

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