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Here is what you should focus on during these trying times.. • Making connections during uncertain times• Leveraging technology and your CRM• Strategies to conduct business virtually• The importance of staying in front of your database• How to engage with new clients• Identifying opportunities i...
I’m still offering my entire Luxury Home Sales Training Program for $37 for the next 30 days to help support you during this time of crisis. It's a great time to increase your skills to find revenue-generating opportunities! If you want to STIMULATE your own economy, this is it.. You get everyth...
I wouldn't bother you if I didn't think this was a game changer..After $100 Million Sold and the last few years focusing on Higher End Sales..I am giving away my entire Real Estate & Luxury Home Sales Training Library for $37Until today it was only available to my $997 coaching clients..Don't mis...
In these trying times it reminds us to plan ahead so you and your business stay healthy.. Instead of binging on Netflix 🎬 😁 In 30 days why don't you get fully prepared and implement strategies to capture and convert higher end clients.. If you would like to come out swinging in 30 days I have a c...
Linkedin is by far the least rejectionable yet most productive social platform.. It is also filled with business owners and professionals with higher net worth clientele.. There are 3 things to focus on..1- Look for local business people and business owners with higher end clientele..2- Do not "s...
Linkedin is by far the best social platform for referrals and sales..4 Realtors received a total of $14.9 Million in referrals using this strategy..There are 3 things that make it so much better than the rest..1- It is filled with business owners and professionals of higher net worth..2- it's the...
🔥🔥🔥 📕📕📕I'll make this short and sweet..Russell Brunson is the owner of ClickFunnels.. He grew his company from $0 to $100 Million in annual revenue without any investors..So if anybody can help you increase your website traffic it's him..He took 2 years putting this book together..Click on any of...
Here is how and why you should be in control of every presentation..There are 3 things to remember every time you talk to a buyer or seller..1- The most confident person wins every time..2- The person in control always wins..3- You are the expert and the "prize" not the buyer or seller..Click on ...
Yes! Be unique or "be out of" or "lose a whole bunch of business" Here are five things to think about before promoting or marketing your self..1- Consumers are overwhelmed with offers and way more savvy then before..2- They have a 7 second attention span..3- Stop saying the same thing as everyone...
Never put a buyer or seller on a pedestal.. They are the same as you and I..They put their pants and dress on the same way we do.. There are 4 things I have to say about this..1- No celebrity, athlete, politician or anyone of high net worth should be looked up to..2- They are 90% nice people (not...

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