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I SAY OFFENSE NOT DEFENSE!Let's talk about both..Defense looks like this:1- Sit back and work referrals2- Don't try new strategies and markets3- Pay crazy money for leads that aren't that great anyway..Consequence - Same Old Income and Same Old Boring BusinessOffense looks like this:1- Work new a...
There are 70+ YouTube Videos available for your viewing on  Higher End Home Sales..They cover everything from mindset, marketing to tactics and strategies for capturing higher end clients..Some of the strategies include: Here's a list of them .. Linkedin Strategy .. Open House - Co-Marketing with...
Not exactly .. I am still nice but am done trying nicely to get this point across!You keep listening to brokers, team leaders, gurus, and lead generation companies..STOP!!They keep saying the same thing and you should run from the same old advice (it's old)They keep telling you to call Expired, F...
OK! First of all 2020 is a double number all in itself so that must be a sign :-)You have two options (math examples included :-))1 - Double Your Transactions 2019 - 20 Sales @$200,000 Sales Price = 20 x $6000 Commission = $120,000 2020 - 40 Sales @$200,000 Sales Price = 40 x $6000 Commission = $...
I received this email from Neil Patel .. one of the world's top SEO experts..I thought I would pass it on to you..Maybe you can pass it on to your web person :-)=========When I first started in the SEO industry over 10 years ago, you had no choice but to learn everything.And if you wanted to see ...
Should you have it all? Abundant money Freedom from worry Time and health to enjoy it I used to believe a person couldn’t have it all that you had to suffer, that you had to struggle and that you had to grind.No, the reality is you’ve just got to come up with a great plan—and use the right vehicl...
Life often comes down to a few simple problems..On a small scale, maybe you need a nanny because you have nobody to help watch the kids when you need to do work.Perhaps you need a new car because the one you have is beginning to break down and be a headache.Nothing that money can’t solve, right?O...
I really wish I would have added a few high end sales to my business much earlier in my career..It was so much better than I expected!After wasting so many years I lost count working with lower end and median priced clients.I decided to jump in head first into going after higher priced buyers and...
This is my friend and Realtor J Lucky Henry in Boston..I say give him any referrals for the Boston area if he is this good and creative..Love to see this go a bit viral so please share it..Enjoy! "Rent Control" Real Estate Rap Parody To his and your success,Hugh
There are only a few reasons in life why something starts off well, but then begin to literally stop working..Your Commitment Wanes—you find you just aren’t committed to something, so it begins to lose its usefulnessIt Becomes Old or Obsolete—much like an old computer or car, sometimes things jus...

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