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Release date is August 13th .. You can pre-order Flip The Script This is the second book by Oren Klaff author of Pitch AnythingOren is a Venture Capitalist in San Diego that has raised over $1Billion..His first book changed my entire real estate career..It was focused on how to keep high net wort...
Always keep your existing business going to make sure you have cash flow..Then go add these 4 sales to your existing business this year and ever year..Simple goal and simple math..1 Home Sale @ $500,000 = $15,0001 Home Sale @ $700,000 = $21,0001 Home Sale @ $1,000,000 = $30,0001 Home Sale @ $1,50...
I have been preaching, preaching and preaching for you to use Linkedin for lead generation!It's the least expensive, least rejection and most profitable lead generation you will ever do..Click on the link or photo to watch the 60 second video.. Real Estate Sales Wrap #3 - Linkedin Lead Generation...
Tired of all the b.s. from coaches, trainers, team leaders and brokers yet?Here is the only sane way to grow your business!Click on the link or photo to watch the video.. Real Estate Sales Wrap Video #2 - Tired OF B.S. Yet?Sell A Luxury Home In The Next 30 DaysLuxury Home Sales TrainingContact me...
The one word secret to closing sales..What do you think it is?Click on the link or photo to find out.. Real Estate 60 Second Wrap #1 - ClosingSell A Luxury Home In The Next 30 DaysLuxury Home Sales TrainingContact me To your success,Hugh
To make $100,000 you can sell..20 homes @ $5,000 commission10 homes @ $10,000 commission5 homes @ $20,000 commission2 homes @ $50,000 commissionIt takes a ton more work to sell 20 cheaper homes than 2 expensive homes..So why don't Realtors try to sell a few Luxury Homes ever year?The biggest reas...
If you would like to close a $1 Million+ home sale before the year is out and are willing to do the work here is the path to doing so..Starting on July 2nd I am presenting my Online Live Selling Luxury Homes Masterclass..You will be able to implement 8 “Unique” strategies that cost little or no m...
Starting on July 2nd I am presenting LIVE ONLINE Selling Luxury Homes Masterclass..It will be the most informative training of your entire real estate career..The first goal is for you to make more money and work less!The second goal is for you to never pay for leads again!You will learn to imple...
This is part of a 30 Day Blitz where I will provide you with Daily 60 Second Videos..They will cover everything including mindset, motivation, and strategy..This is your opportunity to take your business to a whole new level..If you add a few higher end sales to your business every year .. everyt...
Here is another blog I felt worth sharing from my friend Oren Klaff the author of Pitch Anything and a Venture Capitalist in San Diego .. He has to walk in a room and raise $25 Million+( so he knows how to present and sell)Rule #1: I opened the call perfectly  A trained salesperson will not act n...

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