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Discover what others have, no one works harder to get you your dream house. Our experienced staff is here to work with you to develop your loan application quickly, accurately, and honestly to make the strongest case for you. Then we shop our network of wholesale lenders to find the loan program that fits you best. We pride ourselves in helping you get your questions answered with prompt, courteous service. We never forget that it is personalized one on one service that sets us apart from the rest.
Use Identity Theft To Grow Your Business  79 seconds, a thief steals someone's identity, opens accounts in the victim's name and goes on a buying spree.- CBSNews.comThe Federal Trade Commission claims that identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the country. According to the FBI, financial...
What are you doing to stand out in a crowded market place? A vital role in your continued success is to create ways to stand out, and remain in front of prospective buyers.Flip over your business card. Is it blank? You are looking at a great opportunity to paint that canvas with testimonials or r...
As mortgage professionals, we are always in danger of losing our clients to competitors and to mortgage lenders. Many of your competitors purchase lists from the credit bureaus for recent mortgage related inquiries. List vendors sell a targeted list for homeowners in ARMs that are ready to adjust...
"Customer satisfaction is not the same as customer loyalty." - Vicky LenzCustomer loyalty - it's a phrase we hear repeatedly, yet its meaning is still often confused. For some, customer loyalty means customer satisfaction. For others, customer loyalty refers to the amount of money a client spends...
In today's shaky mortgage climate, there's not much you can control. Not rates, not inflation, and not even changing programs. For some, it means it's time to look for another job. For others, it means it's time to start pinching pennies and cutting back. For loan officers who believe they are ca...
Each time that you begin a new client relationship be sure and ask about their Realtor. Contact their Realtor and introduce yourself to their team. Consider also asking about the seller's agent and contact them as well. Delivering updates through out the process will gain you the credibility and ...
Referral business is the strongest compliment that you can receive as a loan officer. Referrals imply trust and confidence in your ability to service a client's needs. As a loan officer you must ask yourself where are you getting referrals from? Are you marketing for referrals?The National Associ...
"The US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics released an employment report and the most recent statistics are not positive for mortgage originators. Up to 1,600 more people working in the mortgage origination field were without work..."- Originator TimesIn a slowing market, what are the...
Everyday mortgage professionals come across clients that have experienced, or know someone who currently is experiencing an escrow shortage. Escrow shortages are very common and create financial hardships to homeowners. Often homeowners in newly developed neighborhoods experience escrow shortages...
Recently, I read an article about two mortgage professionals who last year alone closed a combined $380,229,000 in loans. Jeff Lake and Jody Cooper. Impressive, right? Here's a question for you: How many hours do they have in a week's time?A: 168-Hours, just like you and I.When asked the #1 secre...

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