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Discover what others have, no one works harder to get you your dream house. Our experienced staff is here to work with you to develop your loan application quickly, accurately, and honestly to make the strongest case for you. Then we shop our network of wholesale lenders to find the loan program that fits you best. We pride ourselves in helping you get your questions answered with prompt, courteous service. We never forget that it is personalized one on one service that sets us apart from the rest.
The atmosphere in many businesses is one of competition. Employees are vying for sales, promotions, performance as well as in many other areas. Although this may be beneficial to the company in gaining revenue, it can cause negativity and result in employees pitting against one another instead o...
Do you live by the proverb "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"? Would you love to get paid to play? If you want a job that wakes up your inner child, here are some carefree career ideas: •·         Nanny - caring for children requires a great deal of responsibility, but spending the day ...
Did you know that collections can not effect title on Texas Properties?  So, why would you lender require you to ever pay them off?  It's not a requirement to pay off collections on FHA loans in Texas.  This kind of knowledge will help you close more loans and make new friends. Jeff Schraeder DWF...
HUD guidelines do not require that a married couple both be on the loan, however, the debts from a a non-purchasing spouse must be counted in the DTI ratios. That being said, did you know that derogatory trade lines (from the non-purchasing spouse), such as collections and judgments, are NOT coun...
Don't forget that HUD guidelines do not require a borrower to have a credit score. You can use alternative trade lines to establish a min. of 12-mo history to qualify for an FHA loan.You can use a variety of alternative trade lines such as: rental housing; utilities; telephone service; cable tele...
Don't forget that HUD guidelines allow your documents to be up to 120-day's old, and up to 180-days old on new construction.  If you can find the right bank this will work. This kind of knowledge will help you close more loans. HUD guidelines sayNO MINIMUM SCORE for ANY FHA borrower!  Imperial Mo...
HUD guidelines will allow for a borrower to remain in an active CH. 13 BK or a CCCS, as long as you have a 12-mo on-time payment history, and permission from the trustee or the counseling agency.  If you can find the right bank this will work. This kind of knowledge will help you close more loans...
FHA will allow a court ordered judgment that has been in a repayment plan for just 6-mo. Most lenders require a 12-mo repayment history, but HUD guide lines support just 6-mo on time payments. If you can find the right bank this will work. This kind of knowledge will help you close more loans.   ...
Attracting and retaining clients is essential to the success of any business. Long-term clients are likely to feel more satisfied, are more likely to refer others, and are more likely to purchase additional products and services from you. What are you doing to keep the customers you have worked s...
While the last moves to the discount window and Fed Funds rate served to stabilize shaky financial markets, there has been little ancillary effect with regards to housing or hiring, at least so far. Home sales remain in a deflating pattern likely to continue for a while (some estimates call for i...

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