#1  Forget about the wood color in the rest of the house.                         #2  Lets not do anything trendy this time                         #3   A medium color wood cabinet is more timeless.                                        Oak is out!                                         Mapl...
  Welcome to the Enclave at the Reserve. The Enclave at the Reserve is a collection of upscale two and three bedroom maintenance provided Townhomes and available in ranch and two story floor plans. The Enclave at the Reserve is conveniently located near K-7 and Prairie Star Parkway (95th St.) in ...
Home sales 'pretty phenomenal' WRITTEN BY CHUCK KURTZ    WEDNESDAY, 05 AUGUST 2009 00:00   Ben McCall/Sun Photo...Sold signs are becoming more common sights in area neighborhoods as the resale market begins to pick up. The federal plan to boost the housing market through lower interest rates and...
Market In Review: The Wells Fargo View SM Wells Fargo is a strong, sound mortgage lender and servicer. Our business is uniquely positioned to succeed in today’s challenging market. Here is our insight on current conditions, and how we will continue to responsibly make loans to customers. April/M...
Do you Rent or Own? and Why? With the mortgage crisis going on, and wall street creating this financial problem I'm curious as to how many people rent/own a home. With home prices at there lows you would think that more buyers would be buying homes. So if your a renter this forum is to discuss th...
I couldn't sleep last night! Why you may ask? I was thinking about everything that I have been doing wrong and what was I going to do to make a difference in my Community. So this week I attended a Gardner Chamber meeting and everyone was so out going, it was a high energy atmosphere. Maybe all t...
Courtesy or not! Seller's only care what the buyer's think not what we think! I got a call from one of my seller's regarding feedback that an agent had left. I already was prepared for this phone call but, didn't feel it was necessary to call Mr.Seller. I took the approach letting steam blow off!...
WOW, Inspirational! I love HGTV! I tell my sellers all the time. I want you to watch some show it will help you! I thought this was so cool !!! read more about this story below' Click here: Olathe woman lands own TV design show  
Attend the Johnson County Fair - Aug. 4 - 9, 2008 The Johnson County Fair is a tradition enjoyed by generation after generation! Lots of things to do and see, including Family Fun Night, Bands in the Park, Firefighter and Police Demonstrations and a Carnival. So get off the couch and do somethin...
"DO YOU LOVE YOUR JOB" Do you have a mentor or someone that you admire or even look up too?  Who is your HERO?and with everything that is going on today did you forget about them? Do you value the way this person conducts themselves? I thought to myself the other day Why do I love my job? I love ...

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