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There is a multitude of success stories in the modern world that find root in the incredible power of social media. On the flip side of the same coin, there are innumerable people and companies struggling to use social media in a way that will benefit them. So, why do some succeed while others dr...
If the age of technology has taught us one thing, it’s that nothing stays in the spotlight for long. From viral videos that rise and die like wildfires to gadgets that are outdated by the time they hit the shelves, the latest and greatest tech tend to be nothing more than a flash in the pan.This ...
It’s hard work to generate viable leads, follow up with them, build relationships with potential buyers, and reach the point where they are ready to make an offer. Unfortunately, all that time and effort is for naught if their offer is rejected. So, how do you give your buyer the best chance of h...
As a realtor, it can be easy to let your vision be clouded with helping homeowners live their dream. This isn’t a bad thing—often, this typical real estate approach yields positive results for everyone involved—but it can prevent you from seeing opportunities for increased production and profits....
Success stories are a dime a dozen these days, but in 2008, that wasn’t the case. The financial collapse that occurred that year was devastating to countless businesses, including businesses that were seen as bulletproof.So, what inspired Glenn Sanford to create eXp Realty during a housing crash ...
The real estate industry is demanding. It requires a dedication of time, significant effort, substantial social interaction, and every other work-related stress you can dream up. Even if you love what you do, these stressors can quickly lead to burnout if you don’t set realistic expectations for ...
Social media and other popular technologies have the potential to be effective tools for realtors. Thanks to the impressive reach one can achieve with certain platforms and the ability to create true connections with potential clients, it can actually be easier to develop relationships with buyer...
It’s a well-known fact that in the age of technology, those who don’t keep up go extinct. As such, your brokerage has probably made adaptations to stay competitive as technology continues to evolve and the landscape of real estate continues to shift.Minor concessions and playing catchup is not en...
Only a decade ago, we faced a severe economic collapse during which most businesses suffered. Perhaps none were hit harder than those in real estate. If you were selling real estate back in 2009, then you know exactly was real estate professionals we facing.Thankfully, the market has been hot for...
As the world of real estate grows more and more competitive and progressively moves towards technology, some realtors run the risk of falling behind while others rise to the upper echelons. Find out how you can be in the latter category with the possibility of eXp Realty! The Opportunity to GrowW...

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