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It is rough these days with getting clients approved in today's current housing market.  The times are changing and it looks like being FHA approved is a very viable option to get extra help for my clients.  I had found that it is a very lengthy process to get FHA approved but finally found and ...
Looking for a way to Spice up your Memorial Weekend?  Look no further!  Come and enjoy great live music and  scrumptious Cajun Faire at the 18th Annual Cajun, Creaole Music Festival!  It is a fun time for the whole family! The Festival will once again be held at the Santa Susana Park site on Satu...
Looking for some Summer fun? Then head on over to the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center!  This is a fun place to expience difference plays and such throughout the year! This June and July they will be putting on the Rock Musical HAIR! This is in celebration of this musicals 40th anniversary.  Soun...
The Neg-Am is known as many names, such as pick-a-payment, flex pay, pay-option arm so on and so forth.  Neg-Am means negative Amortization and may mean trouble too.There are usually four payment options each month, the lowest of which is just a partial interest payment and subject to changing ev...
The big buzz for 2007.............................. is that 7 billion dollars worth of home loans will start to adjust this year.  In many cases payments will rise anywhere from $200-$1500 a month!!  Yikes!                                                                                           ...
So I am finally trying this posting thing.I have never blogged before, but here I am trying to find my voice.  So there it is.  Next time I will have more too say, right now I am taking baby steps. Does anyone have any suggestions or tips for me to write on?  I can use all the help I can get, how...

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