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Blogging about all things IDX/MLS, including IDX Broker tools and resources that make agents' lives easier.
Your sellers need to know that no matter where home buyers are looking, their listing is there… even if it means sharing a hard-earned home with your competitors. Since most home searches start online, it’s important to cast the widest net possible… So, love 'em or hate 'em, the impact of listing...
Maine MLS members can now take advantage of new functionality in IDX Broker! For an extra $39.99/month, agents across New Hampshire and throughout all Maine counties can add sold data to their account. MREIS Licensed Participants can feature sold properties, showcase past market data, and let the...
This is the final installment in a series on How to Establish Your Real Estate Site in Google Search Console (inspired by an IDX Broker Blog Post written on Dec. 15, 2016). If you haven’t yet taken the leap into the world of search analytics, I recommend starting with Part 1 of our series which c...
This is the second installment in a series on How to Establish Your Real Estate Site in Google Search Console (inspired by an IDX Broker Blog Post written on Dec. 15, 2016). As I covered in Part 1, Google Search Console is a free suite of informative tools which provides you with valuable feedbac...
We all know the importance of intentional, well thought out content and the positive influence it can have on search engine optimization (as evidenced in Tammy Emineth’s recent blog post, I Don’t Think About SEO…). So now that you hopefully *are* thinking about SEO, what can you do to take it a s...
Ask any real estate professional and they’ll tell you one of the best parts of the job is the freedom to own your own brand and content.  It just so happens freedom is also why agents and brokers love WordPress. The WordPress CMS (Content Management System) platform provides REALTORS every opport...
Content is king on the Internet, which is increasingly reaching every aspect of our lives. No content is more powerfully convincing or more highly consumed than online videos. Video production tools have gotten more affordable. Producing and distributing great promotional content for your houses ...
Once you got out of school and realized that referrals won't end up with you in the principal's office anymore, you probably discovered that these are the heart of your business. You now like referrals from your clients and we are no different. We'll even give you some extra credit for spreading ...
It's celebration time at FAR. Celebrate 100 years of the Florida Association of Realtors and look to the future of real estate. Join Bryson from IDX Broker to celebrate the past and prepare for a even brighter future. Celebration Time at FARThe Florida Association of Realtors annual conference is...
At IDX Broker, we pride ourselves on being the most customizable IDX solution. Even with all the options available, not all are easy to access for someone who is less than tech savvy. If you already have a website, and someone capable of placing a few links on your site, you are ready to start. I...

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