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Real Estate Technology - Buying Buddy IDX CRM Suite
Buying Buddy has been helping Real Estate professionals and Teams with IDX and lead management solutions since 2002, and has been continually developed and enhanced since its initial launch. Today it provides unrivaled, sophisticated lead capture and lead management for individual Agents and Teams. With the Buying Buddy suite, you are in control! The suite integrates marketing, Lead Capture, and Lead / Client Management all in your website, wherever it is hosted and whatever technology you use.
According to a recent report from our friends at Zillow, most people still find their agent through referral, but that trend is rapidly changing.  With the continued growth of a digital world, more and more people are finding Agents through online referral resources like Zillow, and t...
The world of Real Estate sales is so vast it is impossible to be all things to all people.   Even if you could somehow do it all, it would still be impossible to reach every market segment through marketing. These are just several of the reasons why niche marketing has seen such a rise in popular...
Whether you are a part of a large brokerage or an independent Realtor, the options of how to fuel your machine are endless. So how does one decide what to direction go with so many options?Don’t think about marketing in a compartmentalized way. It’s not “old school” vs “new technology”. It is abo...
We have said it before and will say it again, technology is not going anywhere, so you might as well embrace it instead of just giving it a handshake. The fear among Agents is real, but if you face the fear you will find ways to use it to provide an exceptional experience for your customers and s...
Did you see Amazon’s placeholder page for a new Real Estate Referral Service offering?  Don't worry, if you didn't see it you're not alone.  It was up and then quickly removed last week.  This move has Agents and Brokers (who saw the page or saw the reports) wondering what the online giant is up ...
Ok workout aficionados, that analogy might not be right 100% of the time. However, most will see my point. We buy things and sign up for things with the intention to use them and then don’t follow through. Your CRM, like an occasionally or unused gym membership, will not yield results unless you ...
The process of moving leads through the sales pipeline is a journey we all know well, especially here at Buying Buddy. However, during the qualification stage of the process, you no doubt lose some leads due to an assortment of reasons. And, this is an area that we don’t always get a clear view o...
Google first called for SSL everywhere on the web in 2014, since then, many Agents have taken action to make their websites secure. However, some had a startling wake-up call on February 1st this year, when they found their HTTPS website marked as non-secure. So what happened?The answer- Google b...
It feels like we have been doing email forever at this point and we should have it all down. Although email marketing remains one of the most effective tools in the marketing tool belt, it is also one of the most mismanaged techniques used by Relators®.It's not that there isn’t a desire, but to m...
Feeding your marketing and sales funnel is a never ending process. The more demanding we become as an industry and as consumers, the more dedicated effort it will take to fill the funnels with relevant leads. One of the more sophisticated strategies used in digital marketing is an SEO program. Th...

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