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Serving Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, and Florida, we offer first time home buyer programs, cash-out refinance, jumbo loans, no money down, current mortgage rates, refinance, 100% financing, interest-only, investment, HomeStyle renovation, FHA 203k rehab loans, VA refinance, reverse mortgage, FHA mortgage loans, VA loans and rural housing loans. Visit us online at https://www.madisonmortgageguys.com
Reverse Mortgage - Purchase Another Home (Part 4) Senior citizens who have pondered the possibility of a reverse mortgage now have a new benefit to consider; the purchase of a second home. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) learned of statistics that showed the number of senior aged homeow...
Reverse Mortgage - Is It The Same as a Home Equity Loan? (Part 3) Many senior citizens are wavering back and forth between home equity loans and reverse mortgages. Each loan has merit and should be considered according to each person's needs and goals. This article will explain some of the main ...
Reverse Mortgage - The Payments (Part 2) In the previous installment we explained some of the basic information concerning reverse mortgages (Reverse Mortgage - The Essential Information (Part 1)).  This article will present information on the payments for these types of mortgages and how it can...
Reverse Mortgage - The Essential Information (Part 1) In the troubled times currently facing the American economy, many people are looking for ways to cut expenses and increase their income.  One method being used by senior citizens is the reverse mortgage.  This unique type of home loan allows ...
With the recent turmoil in the mortgage world, people have lots of questions about refinancing.  There are times when borrowers need to consider paying money at the closing in order to complete the refinance.  Can this be a good deal for the borrower?  Let's consider a couple of situations and s...
Illinois Jumbo Loans - Restrictive, but available A lot of questions have been posed about all types of mortgages in this economy.  One mortgage that seems to get more scrutiny than others is the jumbo loan.  These unique loans are still around, but the approval process has changed considerably....
Illinois FHA Loans: 5 Things to Know Before You Obtain OneThe Federal Housing Authority had been insuring home mortgages for many years with very few changes to the program. Today, it seems FHA guidelines change monthly. FHA loans have increased from 5% of the mortgage market to more than 35% of...
FHA Refinances Still Strong in Illinois After Recent ChangesFHA recently changed their upfront mortgage insurance premium. This should NOT keep you from using the FHA program! The FHA changes will help protect the program from disappearing as many mortgage options have in recent times. Even with...
The Freddie Mac Relief Refinance Mortgage - Open Access supports the federal Making Home Affordable Program by helping borrowers who are making timely mortgage payments but have been unable to refinance due to declining property values. With this offering, you can now refinance, even if we're no...
USDA announced this week that they expect to run out of the entire year's appropriated funds for their popular Guaranteed Rural Development home loans by the end of April. That's six months before the next federal budget would renew the program coffers. Lenders are scrambling to get approvals fo...

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