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Yippee!  I made it.  30 days of blogging down and now I have absolutely no idea what to write for today.  Go figure.  It was quite a task and I learned a lot.  You can’t help but get engaged reading other blogs when you log in to create your own.  What an incredible resource AR is.  I can’t even ...
Tuesdays are good for great ideas.  Here’s some that were recently collected from a powerful Mastermind Group of top producing agents.  Some you may use already, one might be new.  What are your cutting edge ideas? Craigslist – First of all it’s FREE.  There are 3 keys to using this resource effe...
A crucial step in the process of taking any listing is the time you spend pre-qualifying the seller.  Why is it important to pre-qualify?   1.     You can quickly determine the level of motivation of the sellers. 2.     You get an idea of what they are looking for from their agent. 3.     You get...
Are you the BEST agent for the job?  What are the benefits that set you apart from the competition?  Are agents really different from one another or do we all do exactly the same thing?  How do you explain your differences to the seller?    Below is a list of special skills we should ALL HAVE and...
Keys to Good Listening   Want to increase your sales each year?  Learn to be a good listener.  We are probably all aware that we should listen more and talk less, but exactly what do you do to become a better listener?  Check out the ideas below.   1)    Take excellent notes. Write down important...
If you want to do it…then, just DO it!  What a great line and so incredibly simple.  I’ve seen several videos, photos, stories about people who are incredibly inspiring recently.  Among them, a 21 year old boy who lost his arms and learned to play piano with his feet (beautifully I might add), a ...
Are you ready for the 4th Quarter? With the start of football season this month, perhaps a football analogy is appropriate.  I once read the team who is in the lead entering the 4th quarter is 95% likely to win the game.  Only 5% of the time will the losing team come back to win the game.  Now it...
There’s so much talk these days about what SUCCESS is, how it’s defined, what it means to each of us.  What there isn’t a lot of talk about is how to define what success isn’t.  That’s right…what success is NOT. Here’s a short list of what we know doesn’t work: a.     Success is NOT working a sho...
One of the biggest challenges I see agents facing today is getting their listings sold.  The most common reason a home hasn't sold is because it's overpriced.  Notice I didn't say it's the ONLY reason, yet it is the most common.  When an agent comes to me with the challenge of an overpriced listi...
Can active listings be more valuable in a listing presentation than recent sales?  I think they are both important to present.  However, considering that a buyer looking in the market today cannot purchase a home that is SOLD, the active competition really takes the spotlight.  A buyer can only b...

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