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  Perhaps 15 or 20 years ago on the Outer Banks we had a very defined “In Season” and a very desolate “Off Season.”  Things have changed dramatically over the years and with the help of the internet and perhaps some global warming, our seasonal market is no longer.  In fact, our slowest time of y...
The Truth About the Housing Market In today’s uncertain market, fear runs rampant on both the buying and selling sides of the fence. Many myths need debunking. Here are five untruths held by buyers, and five held by sellers. Buyer myth No. 1: The longer the house is on the market, the more you c...
One thing the best agents in the business have in common is a very short memory!What? You mean they don’t remember things? How can they be good at what they do? Well, let me clarify. The best agents have a short memory of the upsets that can happen in this business. You see, in your career you wi...
Having participated in nearly 10,000 coaching calls over the last several years, there’s been one word resisted to more than anything else talked about…change.  Why is change so difficult?  Studies show that Americans have 3 basic fears.  Public SpeakingChangeDeath Did you notice that?  Most peo...
This is adapted from the work of Werner Erhard via some Jack Canfield stuff.Start by getting comfortable in a quiet location you won’t be disturbed. Have a NEW unused journal (permanent type) and pen close by. Relaxing music is OK, but not a guided meditation.Close your eyes and ask your subconsc...
The fourth challenge in my series over the last several days is handling the two most common objections from sellers of price and waiting.  I started out writing about what I perceive to be the four most common challenges agents face today.  The first three are…time management, rejection and gene...
So if you’ve been following my posts since Thursday you’ll recognize the series.  I’m blogging on what I perceive to be the four main challenges agents face today.  This is of course based on coaching calls and reading blogs here on AR.  The first two challenges are Time Management and Rejection....

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