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Do You Hear the Voice of Reason? No, we don't mean your own voice. The Voice of Reason here at IMSD is the one and only Chad Hyams. If you already know him, this title makes perfect sense.Meet Chad Hyams, Community Manager of the Internet Marketing Specialist Designation. He likes long walks on t...
In order to generate business online, you need to stand out on social a good way. Think about those people on social media that only post about their job. Do you know what their last post was about? Probably not since you have either hid them or just glaze over their post without even ...
Are you heading to Keller Williams Family Reunion 2013? This can be a scary few days with so much going on. I thought I could take a moment and help save you the confusion. My name is Chad Hyams, and I have attended Keller Williams Family Reunion in many roles… Agent Team Leader Vendor with IMSD ...
You’ve put in the effort, created the ads, and wrote countless emails to reach prospects. And it worked - you generated the leads! Now… how do you convert those leads into commissions? Why aren’t you getting deals right away? There is not one supreme answer how to manage and convert all of those ...
Double Your Online Leads in 2013 with the Internet Marketing Specialist Designation. The Internet Marketing Specialist Designation (IMSD) pulls together the best ideas in online real estate marketing into a single framework that you can implement in your business.We teach you where to find inexpe...
We teach a lot of real estate marketing strategies in IMSD, but one of the topics that has always been one of the toughest ones to tackle has been Pay-Per-Click advertising on Google AdWords.  Writing a blog is reasonably straight forward. Posting a Craigslist ad isn't rocket science. However, ou...
Are You Remarkable Enough?If you were a consumer looking to buy or sell a home in your area, would you be impressed with your website? We don't mean the alternating neon colors (which you may want to rethink) or the beautiful font, we mean the information on your website. Did it answer your commo...
 Past Business brings You New Business on Yelp - One of the main points during the Geeky 2.0 Social Series LinkedIn & Yelp class. If your customers include Generation Y, those 26-35 years old (and it should if you want to continue your real estate business) then you need to be on Yelp. This gener...
You’ve spent weeks or months to make your real estate website perfect.  The listings are online, you’ve got an amazing photo on there (if you don’t say so yourself), and the images are perfect representations of your community. Now… where is the traffic? Why aren’t you getting any leads on this b...
If you need some Real Estate Video Ideas for Your YouTube Channel we've got you covered in our YouTube & Pinterest class of the Geeky 2.0 Social Series.During the YouTube & Pinterest class, instructor Chad Hyams gives you the most successful forms of videos you can make to generate business. You ...

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