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Do You Aim for Convenience or Results? Do you set everything to automatic fill, order, payment, or posting? Or do you take the time to understand your audience and prepare information accordingly?At the end of every IMSD GEEKY 2.0 class, Community Manager Chad Hyams is allowed a few minutes to cl...
  Use Coupons on Your Facebook Real Estate Business Page if you want to increase your consumer interaction!GEEKY 2.0, the new and improved IMSD course, has launched! Things kicked off with the Facebook for Personal Use class and Facebook for Business and Brand Building class. During the Facebook ...
What Type Of Buyers Are You Attracted To? Everyone has a type right? Do you feel drawn to a sense of humor, a pretty smile, or a fat bank account? Personally, I have a weakness for a fantastic sense of humor! Make me laugh until I cry, and I am all yours!When it comes to your business what type o...
Whoever Said Being Geeky Wasn't Cool, Clearly Didn't Know GEEKY 2.0! Think back to when being geeky and a computer whiz meant that you weren't the most popular kid on campus. Or when doing your homework wasn't cool. Those days are long gone! Learn how to... get pinned on Pintrest... earn friend l...
Spoiler Alert!!! IMSD founder Ben Kinney is going to be one of the featured speakers for this call.  You know that it's going to be good once Ben enters the fray. All of you geeky IMSD'ers be sure to sign up for this call to cheer on Ben Kinney!RainCamp: Best of the Best In the past, RainCamp was...
Before you can ever start prospecting for listing leads, you need to know who you are going to call. In this three minute video from the Internet Marketing Specialist Designation, our founder Ben Kinney reveals the eight sources that his team of listing agents uses to prospect for listing leads. ...
Facebook etiquette is something that is always in question. What is the correct thing to do and what are things that shouldn't be done to follow Facebook etiquette? Chad Hyams, the voice behind many of our webinars, is known for getting on his soap box and sharing his thoughts openly. When he wa...
Becoming a Powerful Listing Agent by Ben Kinney IMSD founder Ben Kinney and IMSD Community Manager Chad Hyams deliver a hot webinar to almost 1000 agents on June 28, 2012 discussing How to Become a Powerful Listing.  In this webinar IMSD discussed the systems, leads, scripts, technology, and tech...
Ben Kinney (IMSD founder) and his team closed over 500 transactions in 2011.  To handle that kind of sales capacity he has had to reinvent the traditional real estate team structure. Many real estate agents make us much money as a doctor, so why don’t we run our business the same way?  The doctor...
The greatest juggler in the world is still limited by how many balls they can juggle at one time.  Managing real estate leads is no different.  Whether you are getting real estate leads from Craigslist, Google, Facebook, Blogging, or any other online marketing resource, an agent needs to understa...

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