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How much time should real estate agents spend on lead generation every day?  This is one of the most common questions that we get at the Internet Marketing Specialist Designation.  When real estate agents get efficient at time management by blocking out times of their day for lead generation, the...
Real estate is a "multiple personality" kind of career.  Think about it... you probably have numerous different email addresses, a couple of websites, a few phone numbers, and YOU as the lucky recipient who gets to sort through all of that data.  So when Ben Kinney shared one of his online market...
Every day, consumers are coming up with new ways to find their next real estate agent.  One of the more creative ways we've been seeing lately is the use of the Siri on the iPhone.  Siri gives the iPhone user the ability to ask ANY question (believe me, we've tried!) while they're moving through ...
Now this is "Bringing Geeky Back!"  Ben Kinney, Chris Smith, Bob Stewart, and Scott Stratten all on one call?  Any agent who doesn't attend should just turn in their license!   Registration now open for RainCamp: More Social, Less Media When: April 19th 9:00am to 12:30pm Pacific Time (12:00pm to ...
To celebrate the arrival of March Madness (along with our affinity for iPads over jock straps), IMSD is pleased to announce the Geeky Sweet Sixteen tournament! Over the next two weeks, it's up to YOU to cast your votes as the titans of social media face off in a battle of silicon sweat, blogging ...
Blocking out time for real estate prospecting is one of the habits that sets top real estate agents apart from their competition.  Listen as Ben Kinney describes what an average day looks like for the agents in his office from when they wake up until they go to bed. This three-minute video was pa...
Embedding a Wufoo form in your ActiveRain blog is a great way to capture real estate leads from Craigslist. The agent needs to capture the lead so they can deliver the information they promises in the ad.  By embedding a Wufoo form in your real estate blog, you can create a landing page that will...
Does it feel like your real estat business is stuck in a rut?Join the Internet Marketing Specialist Designation (IMSD) and ActiveRain for a free webinar by Ben Kinney that will challenge the activities you do day after day that aren't generating results. Groundhog Day: Get Out of Your Real Estate...
In Ben Kinney’s listing presentation, he discusses the “Foreclosure Triangle.”  The premise is that the number of foreclosure properties on the market is getting worse, not better, which is going to drive down the value of homes in most areas.  Ben uses a simple diagram to clearly present this di...
How to Earn $180,000 in Real Estate During this 11-minute video from the December RainCamp hosted by ActiveRain, real estate marketing guru Ben Kinney walks through the “$180,000 problem.” This is the exercise used by Ben Kinney’s real estate team to get the average agent earning $180,000 in gros...

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