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Step three in our Google+ Quick Start guide for real estate agents actually covers two concepts; Google+ Streams and Google+ Sparks. Watch the six-minute Google+ for Real Estate video now. Google+ StreamsReal estate marketing and social media turned a new corner with the release of Google+.  Just...
In our second free real estate training video on Google+, we'll cover the concept of Circles.  What are they? How do they work? Who should be in these circles?  Think of circles like high school.  You had different groups in high school... the athletes, the band, the drama club, and the people th...
You want to know a little more about Google+. You got your invite, now what? Here at the Internet Marketing Specialist Designation, we want to show REALTORS not just HOW to use Google+, not only WHY to use Google+, we want to show real estate agents how to set Google+ up correctly from the start....
This webinar is going to get us into some trouble, but what the heck!  Here is a post by Bob Stewart from this morning on our upcoming, "37 Ways Not to Suck at Real Estate."  See you on the call. 37 Ways Not to Suck at Real Estate When Ben Kinney and I traveled around the country during 2010 doin...
Got Klout? Have you heard about this website Klout? Have you checked it out yet? Here at the Internet Marketing Specialist Designation we are getting questions asking about this tool. Is it a game? Is it for real? Why does our Klout matter? How is our Klout score figured out? What i...
Updated 07-19-11... This webinar was originally scheduled August 15th but was moved to August 12th. Webinar: Do You Have Klout?Friday, August 12, 2011 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PDT is a free tool that measures your overall online influence.  The ...
Real estate marketing using the internet can be a boom or bust!  Realtors are wise to track their online marketing so they can build on areas of success and generate real estate leads faster and cheaper. Google Analytics is widely recognized as the top tool for analyzing the traffic coming to you...
Search Engine Optimization for a real estate website, or any website for that matter, is often met with skepticism.  Tales of top secret search algorithms by Google, predatory companies who promise first page placement, and the mystery of managing one's website are enough to drive many brokers aw...
Internet marketing for real estate agents can be a very powerful strategy or a very dangerous one. There are many things to learn about before jumping into the world of internet marketing for real estate. Some of the most common questions asked by real estate agents about internet marketing inclu...
So you want to know how to use Craigslist for Realtors to grow your business? Have you thought about generating more leads and not spending money to do it? If you have, you really want to take advantage of the power of Craigslist for Realtors.Other agents in our training program are generating hu...

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