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Mortgage and Lending - Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc. - NMLS#292396/VA#MLO-6503
Ingrid Laine Senior Mortgage Planner North End Virginia Beach
  This is a great way to move... No packing or unpacking! These people are geniuses!  —Ingrid  
Today I am attending a Broker's Open House in Shadowlawn and Beach Borough. There are eight single family homes all walking distance from the beach. The following Brokers will be there: Prudential Towne Realty, Keller Williams Realty, Aweigh Real Estate, ERA Atkinson Realty, Pyle Realty, and Re/M...
Could tonight be the night! He is coming back! Tonight...(Bad Choice of words) This Evening! My favorite talk show guy is back! Having to get my news from Jon Stewart and the View wasn't so bad... Just kidding... I do like Jon Stewart though.  It felt like he has been off the air for years. I kno...
Your Mortgage Planner can help you sell homes.  As a Senior Mortgage Planner myself, I feel a responsibility to helping the hand full of Realtors I serve to close more sales.  The right Mortgage Planner should be providing you with co-branded financial materials as needed, to help you close your ...
My husband works in the Advertising Department of Geeks On Call. (He can't fix computers) Geeks On Call is a national on-site computer repair company catering to small and medium businesses and larger home based companies.    To promote their new facebook business page they are really giving away...
Ingrid Laine Senior Mortgage Planner New American Mortgage   MAKING YOUR LIFE EASIER   Making it easier to own a home is what I do.  Whether you are looking for a new home, remodeling your current home, or want a lower interest rate, I understand financing a home is an important part of your fami...
Just a quick note to let everyone know that my husband's company Geeks On Call is giving away an iPad to promote their new facebook business page.  Their page is only about a week old so there are not many participants yet. They are giving away apple stuff to their facebook "likers" randomly. to ...
Hello, So what is the deal with Net Branches? Are they good? Bad? Do they pay well? not so well? Is it possible to loan in all 50 states?  From what I gather having a Net Branch is like being an independent Financial Advisor or a Independent Insurance Agent. Would it be better to just start a loc...
Okay, it has been 6 months since I bought my first Mac. I love it! LOVE it! Do you hear me Steve Jobs? ...love it... Here is one reason why: I was using a web hosting service that was difficult to reach and controlled too much of my website. Then today I realized that I have a free program that c...
AR Friends, Just a quick note about weight loss, I have seen so many posts today about wrecked diets and BBQ's that I just have to chime in.  Last year my husband was morbidly obese. Everyone was so quick to judge him thinking he just lacked self-control. Our family doctor asked him within 15 sec...

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