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AR Blogging Friends, Okay... I just saw the coolest TV ever! It was a 55" Samsung 3-D LED TV... I am not an early adapter to technology, I was at Best Buy looking for a new work computer because my current one is so old that it can't load my new Microsoft Office Program. I have to say the 3-D tec...
Many new Realtors and Small Business Owners who cater to Realtors may be new to self-employment taxation. Owing the IRS is no fun. They are only going to get more persistent about collecting now that the US has amassed such a level of debt.  Here are a few guidelines I follow to keep you out of t...
AR Friends, Does this sound legal? I'm SURE is not ethical. This is what happened: An 86 year old widow without a high school diploma was about to default on a $12,000 HELOC. A man in Newport News, VA caught wind of this through a neighbor and said that was going to "help" her. She could have re...
AR Friends, Oh the things we complain about these days, voicemail for one… I remember a time before voicemail when I would see signs like this:   Bartenders Answering Service:  $10 – Haven’t seen him in ages $5 – Haven’t seen him $2– He just left $0 – He just left with two blondes   You just gott...
Hello AR Friends! I just shared some of this as a comment on another blog, but I think that the info I am sharing is good to get out there. Another AR blogger Brian Ripp was talking about cutting the electric bill by managing the HVAC. I shared that I had an energy efficiency expert from Dominion...
Hello AR Friends, I have noticed that palm is trying to make a comeback. They have done something I think is pretty smart. As we know most smartphones can tether a computer to the internet. Most of us use The blackberry as our goto phone of choice. The Blackberry uses a wire to connect a computer...
AR Friends, Okay, I have been doing some research on camcorders. So far I have found out: 1. Sony seems to have better battery life than others, regardless of on the box claims (from salespeople and a few people in a photography club that also are avid video shooters) 2. A camcorder with a hard d...
AR Friends, Some time ago I had a friend that would network 3 days a week on the golf course. He was a great golfer that was always opening new great accounts.  Clearly he loved the game, and so many others tried to copy him and went to "network" on the golf course too but they were very unsucces...
I had a computer that had a really slow connection. I thought it was my internet provider. They had me go to a website called speakeasy to test my speed. The address is www.speakeasy.net it is really nice to know that you are paying for a faster connection that you are getting it. I first tried t...
Hi, It's Ingrid! I just wanted to share with you my recent switch in technology. I bought a new iMac a recently (They hooked me with my iPod!! Like a dope dealer!!) It was so easy to set up. Just plugged in the power and off we went... No other wires... at all!!  My Linksys router was slowing it ...

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