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AR Members learn from one another on the daily.  Since everyone can't see each other's Stats, it may come as a surprise which posts have received the highest clicks.  So often, newbies come to me and are a bit depressed because they may not be receiving comments on their posts and judge their suc...
Pretty soon the stores will be running low on ties and golf balls in anticipation of Father's Day.  A celebration to honor fathers, was actually founded in Spokane, WA in 1910.   Father's Day events, gift ideas and suggestions in your neighborhood are a great to highlight to your readers.  What k...
Millions of people all over the country sit down in front of Google each day and start their search with "How to". They have a question, need an answer and begin to search.  You can easily be the result they find! How To posts are a way to share your expertise and knowledge with potential clients...
The importance of curb appeal can show even more during the Spring and Summer months when potential buyers expect to see beautiful flowers and a fresh cut lawn as they picture themselves living in their new home, which is your home.Landscaping is an important piece of getting a home ready to put ...
Every year around this time people start heading to the internet to see what's going on around them for the coming Memorial Day weekend. Each year, without fail, we see a deluge of traffic coming to ActiveRain where people are looking for 'memorial day events in _____________' At Inspiration Stat...
Disneyland, cruises, the road to Grandmas, wherever people are headed on vacation they're doing it now.  Before they pack up the sunscreen and bermuda shorts, what tips can you give homeowners on best protecting their home while they're gone. Make a list of Must Do's for anyone leaving the home f...
Here at Inspiration Station we are always trying to give you tips about things you could write about with your blog to get in front of local people in your market. Many of the things we discuss aren't directly related to real estate, but they are great ways to get your name and face in front of p...
Farmer's Markets With the weather warming up they are popping up in neighborhoods around the country! Share the information, your experiences and your advice with those searching for the local farmers markets in your area. They will appreciate the tips and most likely hunt around your blog for mo...
Home prices are rising!  Recent news brought us information that home prices rose 9.3% in February which is the largest year over year gain since 2006 - that's 7 years!  Our last AR survey supports this with the majority seeing a shift in the market as well. What does this mean for you?  Well, it...
Some people may celebrate Margarita Mondays and Thirsty Tuesdays on the weekly but for most they look forward to May 5th to celebrate.  With Cinco de Mayo just around the corner, many people are searching for the coolest fiesta in town.  Others who may not partake in that kind of fun might be sea...

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